LSU Designated EcoPartner with China

 The U.S. Department of State has designated LSU an "EcoPartner" with China. The EcoPartnerships program encourages mutually beneficial arrangements between organizations from the U.S. and China, including NGOs, universities, businesses and local governments, with the goal of promoting energy security, economic growth and environmental sustainability. LSU and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will work together on conservation and management of wetlands through joint data collection and analysis that will develop research capabilities in both countries.

Aixin Hou, professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, sponsored LSU's application to the highly competitive program. "Being selected by the program exemplifies the world leadership of LSU and the CC&E in the field of wetland conservation and management and environmental sustainability," Hou said. "What makes us stand out is our research on the wetland plant-microbial-benthic ecosystem responses to environmental stress and remediation measures, as well as our long-term, highly productive collaboration with Chinese Academy of Sciences."

LSU is one of only three EcoPartnerships named in 2017. The other two are Capstone Turbine and BROAD Air Conditioning, which will develop combined cooling-heating power (CCHP) systems to improve energy efficiency in buildings, and the National Resource Defense Council and Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, which will focus on the establishment of market mechanisms for energy demand response, the integration of renewable energy into power grids and best practices for the design of electricity pricing and grid planning policies.

During the past nine years, the State Department-sponsored Ecopartnerships program has facilitated 42 partnerships, which have produced tangible results in energy and environmental technology.