Duke Talent Identification Program Partners with CC&E

Duke Talent Identification Program Partners with CC&E

This summer, LSU and the Duke Talent Identification Program, or TIP, have partnered to bring exciting and integrative educational and social development programs to gifted high school students. The students, dubbed "TIPsters," live on campus and experience college-level programs and material.

At the College of the Coast & Environment, or CC&E, TIPsters will examine human-induced changes to the coastal environment of Louisiana in the broader context of coastal wetland ecology and oceanography. From land-subsidence to oil spills, the effects of human actions on the coastal and marine environments are evident in the natural laboratory of coastal Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.


"The College of the Coast & Environment is extremely proud to have been selected by Duke TIP to present two summer sessions for their gifted students," said Rick Shaw, CC&E associate dean. "The program is a fitting example of our outreach efforts and will serve as an excellent recruiting tool for our Coastal Environmental Science undergraduate program."

At the CC&E, TIPsters are not only engaged in lecture and classroom learning activities, but are performing fieldwork, analyzing specimens, and presenting their findings, as well as sharing their experiences via social media. 

"We also have them involved in citizen science programs to help address the issues of marine pollution and litter," said Shaw. "We want their experience to be well-rounded, challenging, enriching and memorable."