Graduation 2017: From Students to Alumni

 At our Spring Commencement diploma ceremony, held May 12, the College of the Coast & Environment (CC&E) presented the next class of scientists, leaders and policy makers for graduation.

“I am especially proud of this graduating class,” said Chris D’Elia, dean. “Their dedication to coastal environmental issues and hard work make them highly qualified for their future endeavors.”

Taught by highly-awarded experts, CC&E graduates address today’s most pressing coastal and environmental issues, such as energy and the environment, coastal land loss, storm impacts, environmental health, global environmental change, and more. CC&E offers multifaceted, interdisciplinary preparation for the real world. Students use science, law, economics, social sciences, communications and policy to handle environmental and coastal challenges.

Because CC&E graduates understand the complex interaction of natural and man-made environments and have a passion using natural resources in a sustainable way, 100 percent of CC&E undergraduates are employed or are pursuing additional degrees within two months of graduation. 

Congratulations to our spring 2017 graduates: 

Bachelor of Science in Coastal Environmental Science

  • Cameron Louise Cole
  • Abbey Elizabeth Hotard
  • William West Jackson
  • Marissa Elaine Marckese
  • Shannon Elizabeth Matzke
  • Paul Hal Peden, II
  • Damen Antony Pheiffer
  • Taylor Rae Weakley

Master of Science in Environmental Science

  • Collin Thomas Brown
  • Kara Leigh Callicott
  • William Jeffrey Moyer
  • Justin Keith Neely
  • Matthew Ryan Vidrine

Master of Science in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences

  • Kieley Shannon Hurff
  • Robert Lee Iles, IV
  • Nicholas Richard Keeney

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science

  • Parichehr Saranjampour

“The Relative Importance of Physicochemical Properties of Organic Contaminants in Aquatic Ecosystems” (Professor Kevin Armbrust)

  • Rui Zhang

“Human Gut Microbiota and Obesity:  How is Gut Microbiota Associated with Obesity Improvement Induced by Bariatric Surgeries (BRS) or Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) Treatment?” (Professor Aixin Hou)