Alumni Spotlight: Cameron (Camie) Cole

Cameron (Camie) Cole
B.S., Coastal Environmental Sciences, 2017 

 Camie Cole received a B.S. in coastal environmental sciences at this year’s Spring Commencement. During her time at LSU, Camie studied under adviser Vince Wilson, director, CC&E undergraduate programs and professor, Department of Environmental Sciences. Cole says that Wilson and ENVS Academic Coordinator Charlotte St. Romain “saved [her] sanity on more than one occasion!”

 Cole describes her experiences with the Coastal Environmental Sciences undergraduate program as “extremely blessed,” as it exposed her to different methods of restoration, energy policy, and more. “Some of my favorite projects combined my love for this program and sports by looking at energy policies through a sports business perspective and what a sports facility can do to its surrounding environment,” she said.

 In the energy and policy course that Cole took, she completed a project titled, “How to Make Sports More Environmentally Friendly,”  with Professor David Dismukes, as well as an independent research project, “Financial Implications of Energy Efficient Changes to Sports Arenas,” also with Prof. Dismukes. “In studying energy policy, I found efficiency and renewables very interesting and want to further my research in these areas one day,” she said.

 Cole’s senior capstone research investigated marine mammals and ocean noise. “I found there was a lot of missing data and no set way to help resolve this issue,” she said. “One day, I would love to see how a sports facility on the water, like in Tampa Bay or San Francisco, affects local marine life.”

During her years at LSU, Cole was a member of Chi Omega and the LSU equestrian team. She was also student body president of the CC&E and worked for LSU Football Recruiting as a student leader and team member.

 Up next: Cole will pursue a master’s degree in sports management at Mississippi State University. Her career plans include helping to “further athletic programs not only athletically, but also environmentally.”  “I hope to use my knowledge of environmental and energy policy to do this,” she said. “My future plans pertain to my love of sports; however I will continue the environmental passion that LSU has instilled in me through my future career.”