Annual Graduate Student Symposium May 20, 2017


On Thursday, April 20, 2017, the College of the Coast and Environment will host the Annual Graduate Student Symposium in the Dalton J. Woods Auditorium. Eight graduate students will be presenting their research conducted toward the fulfillment of a degree within the College. These talks will be judged by a panel of faculty, staff, and students. There will be 3 winners. First place will receive a cash award of $500. Second place will receive a cash award of $300. Third place will receive a cash award of $200.

The program will proceed as follow:

Quick introduction from Associate Dean, Dr. Richard Shaw

2:00 – Kate Abbott – Blue Carbon Accumulation in a Chronosequence of Created Coastal Marshes in the Chenier Plain of Southwest Louisiana

2:15 – Wokil Bam – 224Ra: 228Th Disequilibrium in Sediments as a Tracer For Solute Transfer Across the Sediment-Water Interface in Coastal Louisiana.

2:30 – Emily Vebrosky – Phototoxic Impacts to Crayfish Due to the Degradation of Dicloran

2:45 – Lei Zou – Mining Social Media Data for Improved Understanding of Disaster Resilience

3:00 – Jeffrey Rutherford – Quantifying Benefits of a Large, Intermittent River Diversion Through an Ecosystem Service Valuation of the Maurepas Swamp

3:15 – Robert Iles– Development and Application of a MODIS Inorganic Sediment Model During the 2016 Mississippi River Diversion in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana

3:30 – Anika Aarons – Ecological Succession and Delta Development: Patterns in Soil Nutrient & C Content Along an Emergent Coastal Deltaic Floodplain Chronosequence

3:45 – Jessica Johnson – Compound-specific Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids Tracks Carbon Flow in a Louisiana Salt Marsh

Please come out and show your support!