Ebb and Flow Festival


The Ebb and Flow Festival will be held this weekend, April 1-2, in downtown Baton Rouge on the Mississippi River levee. The festival is hosted by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and acts as the official opening for the festival season in Louisiana. The Art’s Council of Greater Baton Rouge is proud to shine the spotlight on local organizations who provide educational resources for our local public and visitors. Booths will be set up near the U.S.S. Kid that will provide fun and educational experiences for children of all ages.

The Ebb and Flow Festival will feature several resources and groups from Louisiana State University, including the College of the Coast and Environment, who will highlight problems with our coast and environment.

CC&E’s graduate organization (CEGO) will have a wave tank set up so that children can see first hand what waves do to sand in conjunction with land loss along the coastline. Children can also learn about the best seafood choices to eat, food chains in different ecosystems, which animals live where in estuarine and marine environments with an interactive board using pictures of animals and fish with velcro. They will also be able to learn the hazards of plastics in the ocean and other water bodies.

“Watch the Delta Grow,” a Mississippi River Mud Art project sponsored by LSU, will also be set up in the Children’s Village. Each child will be able to participate in their very own “mud art” project and take it home with them.

Other departments besides the College of the Coast and Environment from LSU will also be taking part in the Ebb and Flow festivities. They are Louisiana Sea Grant, LSU Coastal Roots Program, and the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio.

There will also be several musical groups featured on each day of the festival.