CC&E Grad Students Finalists in Three Minute Thesis Competition


CC&E graduate student Kendall Valentine Cole took second place in the finals of the 2016 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Finals Competition Wednesday, Nov. 9. Cole and CC&E graduate student Anika Aarons were top-10 finalists, out of a field of 38, for the competition. Julie Butler of LSU Biological Sciences was the winner, and Valerie Feathers of Geography and Anthropology won People’s Choice.

Kendall’s talk was titled “Biofilms: Nature’s Superglue Materials.” Giulio Mariotti, assistant professor, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, is her major professor.

Anika’s presentation was titled “Patterns in the Landscape: Building a Delta in Coastal Louisiana.” Robert Twilley, professor and executive director, Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, is her major professor.

Great job to all of the finalists! Congratulations to Kendall and Anika for exceptional representation of the College of Coast and Environment with their impressive research.