Energy Summit 2016 Set for Oct. 26


The LSU Center for Energy Studies‘ annual energy conference is slated for Wed., Oct. 26. Energy Summit™ 2016, co-sponsored by the LSU Economics & Policy Research Group, will focus on recent challenges to the energy industry in the state, including those involving energy infrastructure, the petrochemical industry and climate risk and fossil fuels.

This year’s Energy Summit will address issues in the energy industry, including:

petrochemical industry challenges & opportunities
national political overview
climate risk & fossil fuels
infrastructure outlook
Louisiana economic roundtable addressing local economic challenges

The event will also feature an economic round table on local economic impacts, with Loren Scott, LSU professor emeritus, David Dismukes, professor and executive director, Center for Energy Studies, and Dek Terrell, professor and executive director, LSU Economics & Policy Research Group.

View the agenda here.
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