CEGO Crawfish Boil


NOTE: This is just a notification that the CEGO crawfish boil will be taking place at the same time (tomorrow 4/23 starting 1600), but will be held at the CSI shop/boatyard. Please note that this is not the same location as last year; we will be on the opposite side of the boatyard (western, closest to the river). Please do not try to enter through the eastern side of the boatyard.

The building has an awning and the inside of the shop will be open, so this event will be rain or shine. Tickets are $20 presale for CEGO members, $10 for vegetarian/non-drinkers, and $25 for everyone at the door. Please don’t let the rainy weather discourage you from coming out for crawfish, beer, and a great time!

The date has been set for the annual CEGO crawfish boil!

Join us on Friday, April 24 at 4 PM in the courtyard where we tailgate for crawfish and beer!

Tickets will be $20 presale for CEGO members (read: dues paid through Spring 2015) and $25 for everyone at the door. Vegetarians/ drinking only is $10. This event is open to all SC&E friends and family! Profits from the boil will go towards the Wilbert memorial fund.

Money can be given to Jeff Obelcz (ECE 2151), Anika Aarons (ECE 3237), or Courtney Elliton (ECE 2137).

We will be looking for volunteers to help for the preparation of this event. If you are interested, please respond to this e-mail or let Courtney Elliton know!

Hope to see everyone there!