Science Cafe with Glenn Seeholzer


Meet World-Record Breaking Ornithologists

Back from the jungles of Peru, the LSU ornithologists who broke the world record of identifying the most individual bird species within a 24-hour period will share their stories from their latest adventure. Learn more about the team called the Tigrisomas and the 354 species of birds they identified.

The team consists of three ornithologists from the LSU Museum of Natural Science, or MNS, and a Peruvian colleague. Ornithologist and LSU doctoral candidate Glenn Seeholzer will give the presentation. He and his colleagues broke the world Big Day record this fall in northern Peru, a region where MNS has a long history of research expeditions. The record was previously held by the late MNS ornithologist Ted Parker and then-Princeton graduate student Scott Robinson, who had identified 331 species in 1982. Among the 354 species the Tigrisomas identified on Oct. 14 were three species discovered by MNS researchers, including the bizarre Long-whiskered Owlet.

As always, doors open at 5 p.m. for free food and networking, and the talk will start at 6 p.m. Remember, people of all ages are welcome, so please spread the word and join us for a fun and informative night!

Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 5 p.m., talk starts at 6 p.m. at Chelsea’s Cafe! Call 225-578-3870 for details.