The LSU College of the Coast & Environment Unveils New Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

May 20, 2021

Linda BuiDiversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to the LSU College of the Coast & Environment’s mission. The college is committed to sustaining an inclusive community in which our students, faculty, and staff participate in, contribute to, and benefit equally from the educational and research endeavors of the college. In keeping with these goals, this year the college has unveiled a new award, the Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award. This award recognizes faculty or staff member or a graduate student who provides leadership and outstanding contributions in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at the College of the Coast & Environment. Linda Hooper-Bùi, a professor in the LSU Department of Environmental Sciences, was the inaugural recipient. 

“Linda has worked tirelessly and vocally to advance and empower underrepresented groups and to ensure everyone, absolutely everyone, has a seat at the table and knows it. From off-hand comments said in passing to brief conversations in the hallway to long, profound, paradigm-shifting meetings of the minds, Linda has been a singularly powerful beacon of progress and accountability in our university. This influence has also applied globally to other scientists of all ages and affluence,” said Crystal Johnson, Hooper-Bùi’s colleague and associate professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences. 

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