CC&E Photo Gallery

Tailgate 2017-students and onlookers examine sedimentErick Swenson taking measurements in a marshPatrick Robichaux posing in a marshWokil Bam posing with equipment in tall grass. Credit-Wokil Bam

Johnny Ryu and two DOCS researchers with equipment standing in tall grassResearchers examining equipment on a boat in a marshStudent in water to chestSarah Wood, DOCS M.S. graduate from WABL, as she was headed out on a CC&E vessel to study sites in Barataria Bay.

Dr. Ruth Gates discussing corals with interested studentsFrom left to right Christopher D'Elia, James Porter, Antonio Busalacchi, and Ruth GatesGuests and staff viewing Coral Reefs in Crisis event posterAudience at movie screening

Paul Sammarco, Ruth Gates, and Jim Porter talking and laughing at receptionPorter lecturingHard-hatted researchers posing with equipment and a body of water in the background. Credit-Wokil BamSmiling researchers on a boat holding scientific samples in ziploc bags. Credit-Wokil Bam

Hard-hatted researchers assembling equipment with a body of water in the background. Credit-Wokil BamResearchers posing behind equipment with a body of water in the background. Credit-Wokil BamShane Flinn, DOCS master’s student, electrofishing Pushepatapa Creek, Louisiana. Electrofishing is a harmless research method to sample fish populations for density and abundance.Researcher wearing ear protection and a vest posing with a large, yellow flower


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Photo Submission Guidelines

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    • the date in which the photo was taken
    • the location where the photo was taken
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