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Alumni Spotlights

Discover the exciting careers chosen by some of our CC&E Alumni. Interested in submitting information for an Alumni Spotlight? If so, contact Kathe Falls,

outdoors, a person in a beanie smiles and holds a shovelImani Maxberry, Founder and CEO, Fort Berry Alternatives
BS, Coastal Environmental Science, 2018

Kevin Fitzwilliam stands in front of a New Orleans streetcar wearing his Mardi Grad beads

Kevin Fitzwilliam, Owner and Founder, Atlas Handmade Beads
M.S., Environmental Planning and Management, 2006

Matt Kupchik in a hardhat

Matthew J. Kupchik

Jill Zande speaks at a podium

Jill Zande, President/Executive Director, MATE II
M.S., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 1994

Lauris Hollis headshot

Lauris Hollis, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences
Ph.D., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 2018

Sarah Margolis in the forefront of a D.C. setting

Sarah Margolis, NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology
M.S., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 2018

Mary Youpel headshot

Mary Youpel, House Committee on Natural Resources
M.S., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 2015
Master of Public Administration, 2016

Bren Haase surrounded by elephants ears

Bren Haase, CPRA
M.S., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 2000

Stephen Meyers headshot

Stephen Meyers
B.S., Coastal Environmental Science, 2012

Lauren Kasparek in a lab

Lauren Kasparek 
B.S., Coastal Environmental Science, 2011

Charlie Henry headshot

Charlie Henry, NOAA Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center

Ellen Prager holds up a book

Ellen Prager, Marine Scientist and Author
Ph.D., Coastal Studies Institute, 1992

Angelina Freeman headshot

Angelina Freeman, CPRA
M.S., Environmental Sciences, 2004
Ph.D., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 2010

Brandon Boyd in the foreground of a marshy pond

Brandon Boyd, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal and Hydraulics Lab
B.S., Coastal Environmental Science, 2010

Paul Algu, RTP Environmental Associates
M.S., Environmental Sciences, minor in Disaster Science Management, 2015
B.S., Environmental Management Systems, 2011

Mark Conger in a hardhat standing in front of the BASF sign

Mark Conger, BASF Corporation
B.S., Geology, 1982
M.S., Environmental Sciences, 1996
Ph.D., Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, 2003

Cami Cole in her graduation cap and gown

Cameron Cole
B.S., Coastal Environmental Science, 2017

Greg Olson headshot

Gregory Olson, Denham Springs High School
M.S., Environmental Sciences, 2012
Ph.D., Environmental Sciences, 2015*
*among CC&E's first Environmental Sciences Ph.D. graduates