2018 State of the Coast Conference Recap: Five CC&E Students Awarded

By Vanessa van Heerden

About 24 faculty and student representatives from the College of the Coast & Environment (CC&E) presented at the 2018 State of the Coast Conference in New Orleans on May 30-June 1, and five CC&E students were awarded by Louisiana Sea Grant for their research. 

Undergraduate student research poster competition winners were: Madeline LeBlanc, for “Identification of Carbon and Nitrogen Hot Spots in Fourleague Bay along a Salinity and Sediment Gradient,” Brandon Champagne, for “Resilience in Context: How Culture Shapes At-risk Communities,” and Darian Madere for “Changes in Bacterial Abundance under Seasonal Nutrient Variations and Relationships with Phytoplankton Biomass.”

In the graduate student research poster category, Ali Reza Payandeh won with his presentation “Assessing the Effects of Cold Fronts on Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Temperature-Salinity Patterns in Barataria Bay.” 

group photo at state of the coast

Group photo of LSU faculty, staff, and students at the State of the Coast conference. Photo Credit: LSU

And, Christina Powell was a winner of the graduate student research oral presentation competition for “Influence of Black Mangrove Expansion on Aquatic Communities and Food Webs of Salt Marshes in Eastern Coastal Louisiana.”

The State of the Coast Conference is the largest state-wide conference to discuss information on Louisiana’s coastal environments and communities. This interdisciplinary, collaborative conference gives researchers and industries the means to discuss and inform about the current pressing issues facing Louisiana’s coast to produce ideas for future coastal restoration and resilience.