CC&E Undergraduate Appointed to Prestigious Student Leadership Cabinet

October 8, 2018 

Rohit Kalvakaalva

Hometown: Smyrna, Georgia

High School: Campbell High

Classification: Undergraduate Senior, Coastal Environmental Science 

Rohit Kalvakaalva is a shining example of what our competitive undergraduates can accomplish during their time in LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment, or CC&E. Kalvakaalva is a spirited student leader and an excellent scholar. This fall, he was appointed to the 2018-19 University Student Leadership Cabinet. 

“I can see things where I want something done. I want to make it happen, and I think it would benefit everyone. And, this is the best way I see fit to do it,” Kalvakaalva said. 

photo of rohit

The University Student Leadership Cabinet brings together student leaders from different groups on campus, including Greek Life, The Office of Diversity, LSU Student Government, and the respective colleges. Together they provide feedback to the Vice President of Student Affairs with a wide variety of issues such as campus safety, mental health, and diversity. Kalvakaalva has said he is particularly interested in furthering student diversity and inclusion at LSU.

“Rohit is a strong student leader who brings a great perspective to the University Student Leadership Cabinet. His diverse involvement as President of the Coastal Environmental Science Advocates [and active participation in] LSU Discover and Phi Beta Sigma allows him to contribute a unique point of view within the cabinet and is one of the many reasons he was selected to serve,” said Emily Burris Hester, assistant to the vice president of student affairs. 

In addition to his cabinet position, he serves as a service chair for Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and as the president of the Coastal Environmental Science Advocates, or CES Advocates, CC&E’s undergraduate student organization. In his last semester as an undergraduate, Kalvakaalva said he hopes to leave a long-lasting legacy on the CES Advocates and provide them with a clear path for growth and engagement with incoming CC&E students. 

Not only does he participate actively in LSU’s student leadership, but also he contributes to CC&E’s scholarly research. He has received an LSU Discover Summer 2018 Research Grant and a Fall 2018 Research Grant for two separate projects. 

His fall research will explore sustainable ways to dispose of waste and create energy from it. Under the mentorship of Brian Snyder, assistant professor of environmental sciences, Kalvakaalva is looking at creating a reactor that would combine algae, seaweed, and cow dung and create methane gas, which can then be used as an energy source. 

“There are large-scale applications and then there are also small-scale applications. This can be applied to rural communities who do not have access to constant electricity but you have access to common things like waste” Kalvakaalva said.  

“The end goal of this, for my career, is I want to be able to apply large-scale renewable clean energy and affordable clean energy to rural communities in the third world countries,” Kalvakaalva said.


Additional Information 

You can read more about Kalvakaalva’s LSU Discover Summer 2018 Research Grant here: