Under the Constitution of the State of Louisiana, 16 members are appointed to the Board of Supervisors by the Governor; Act 2 of the 1975 extraordinary session of the Louisiana Legislature authorized the appointment of one student member. The term of appointment of new members may not exceed six years; the student member serves a one-year term. This list reflects Board membership at the time of publication of this catalog. Officers of the Board serve a one-year term beginning in August.



RONALD R. ANDERSON • Ethel • Chair • 2002

ROGER H. OGDEN • New Orleans • Vice Chair • 2004


KENT ANDERSON • Monroe • 2002

JACK A. ANDONIE • Metairie • 2000

BERNARD E. BOUDREAUX • Baton Rouge • 2004

VICTOR BUSSIE • Baton Rouge • 2000

CHARLES V. CUSIMANO • Metairie • 2006

STANLEY J. JACOBS • New Orleans • 2002

LAURA A. LEACH • Lake Charles • 2000

WILLIAM W. RUCKS, IV • Lafayette • 2004

PERRY SEGURA • New Iberia • 2000

VIRGINIA K. SHEHEE • Shreveport • 2004

C. STEWART SLACK • Shreveport • 2006

CHARLES S. WEEMS, III • Alexandria • 2002

RODERICK K. WEST • New Orleans • 2006

ROBERT WOOD • Baton Rouge • (student member) • 2001

WILLIAM L. JENKINS • President of the LSU System • Secretary to the Board

CARLEEN N. SMITH • Administrative Secretary

*Terms expire June 1; student, August 31.


WILLIAM L. JENKINS, Ph.D. • President

ROBERT H. RASMUSSEN, Ed.D. • Executive Assistant to the President

DUDLEY B. FRICKE, M.S. • Special Assistant to the President

SHERYL S. RAMIREZ • Assistant to the President

MARILYN ZIMNY, Ph.D. • Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Technology Transfer

WILLIAM L. SILVIA, M.P.A. • Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance

PATRICK M. GIBBS, M.B.A. • Vice President for Property, Facilities, and Administration


Office of the Chancellor

MARK A. EMMERT, Ph.D. • Chancellor

JILL BROWNING, M.A. • Assistant to the Chancellor

SUZANNE Z. ROLLINS, M.S. • Assistant to the Chancellor

MICHELLE COBAS, M.M.C. • Coordinator

JASON DRODDY, M.P.A. • Coordinator of External Affairs

RENEÉ BOUTTE MYER, M.P.A. • Community Relations Manager

SCOTT WOODWARD, B.A. • Director of External Affairs

SKIP BERTMAN, M.Ed. • Athletic Director

Office of University Relations • GENE C. SANDS, Ed.D., Executive Director

Executive Vice Chancellor/Academic Affairs

DANIEL M. FOGEL, Ph.D. • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

GREGORY VINCENT, J.D. • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Campus Diversity

L. ROBERT KUHN, JR., M.B.A. • Special Assistant for Programmatic Planning; Associate Vice Chancellor

PAULINE M. RANKIN, Ph.D. • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

KAREN KOENIG DENBY, Ed.D. • Assistant Vice Chancellor

JEANNINE O. KAHN, Ph.D. • Assistant Vice Chancellor

JAMES P. FERNANDEZ, M.B.A. • Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

FOREST C. BENEDICT, M.S. • Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resource Management

JANIE FRICKIE, B.S. • Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Human Resource Director of Policy, Employment, and Training

RODERICK SMOTHERS, M.P.A. • Assistant to the Vice Provost

SHERI THOMPSON, B.A. • Coordinator

College of Agriculture • KENNETH L. KOONCE, Ph.D., Dean

College of Arts and Sciences • M. JANE COLLINS, Ph.D., Dean

College of Basic Sciences • HAROLD SILVERMAN, Ph.D., Dean

E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration • THOMAS D. CLARK, JR., Ph.D., Dean

Division of Continuing Education • DANIEL C. WALSH, Ph.D., Dean

College of Design • CHRISTOS A. SACCOPOULOS, M.Arch., Dean

College of Education • BARBARA S. FUHRMANN, Ed.D., Dean

College of Engineering • PIUS EGBELU, Ph.D., Dean

Honors College • BILLY M. SEAY, Ph.D., Dean

Manship School of Mass Communication • JOHN M. HAMILTON, Ph.D., Dean

School of Library and Information Science • BETH PASKOFF, Ph.D., Dean

College of Music and Dramatic Arts • RONALD D. ROSS, Ph.D., Dean

School of Social Work • KENNETH I. MILLAR, Ph.D., Dean

School of Veterinary Medicine • MICHAEL GROVES, Ph.D., Dean

University Libraries • JENNIFER CARGILL, M.S., Dean

Academic Center for Athletes • THOMAS KARAM, Ph.D., Director

Centers for Excellence in Learning and Teaching • JOSEPH A. HUTCHINSON, Ed.D., Executive Director

•• Center for Distance Education • TAMMY E. ADAMS, Ed.S. Director

•• Faculty Development • ART CRAWLEY, Ed.D., Director

•• Center for Instructional Technology • NICHOLAS A. MESSINA, M.Ed., Director

••Center for Assessment and Evaluation • BOBBY MATTHEWS, Ph.D., Director

Computing Services • RONALD D. HAY, M.S., Executive Director

•• Enterprise Solutions Group • CYNTHIA M. HADDEN, M.S., Director

•• High Performance Computing Group • EMILIO A. ICAZA, Ph.D., Director

•• Louisiana Online University Information System • RALPH BOÉ, M.L.I.S., Director

•• Technology Support Center • WILLIAM F. BEYER, III, M.S., Director

•• Telecommunications • CHIP DODSON, J.D., Director

Evening School • JOANNE McMULLEN, Interim Director

Fire and Emergency Training Institute • CARROLL L. HERRING, Director

International Programs • STEPHEN LUCAS, Ph.D., Executive Director

•• Academic Programs Abroad • MARGARET PARKER, Ph.D., Director

•• International Development • JOB SEREBROV, L.L.M., Director

•• International Services • NATALIE RIGBY, M.A., Director

LSU Press • LESLIE E. PHILLABAUM, M.A., Director

LSU Museum of Art • STEPHEN ROSEN, M.A., Executive Director

LSU Museum of Natural Science • MARK S. HAFNER, Ph.D., Director

Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens • DAVID FLOYD, B.A., Executive Director

Southern Review • JAMES OLNEY, Ph.D., and DAVE SMITH, Ph.D., Coeditors

Finance and Administrative Services

JERRY J. BAUDIN, Ph.D. • Vice Chancellor and Comptroller

FOREST C. BENEDICT, M.S. • Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resource Management

RALPH E. GOSSARD, JR., M.B.A., M.A.J. • Associate Vice Chancellor

L. ROBERT KUHN, JR., M.B.A. • Associate Vice Chancellor

PATRICK R. LANDRY, B.S. • Associate Vice Chancellor

ERIC MONDAY, B.S. • Assistant Vice Chancellor

Accounting Services • DONNA TORRES, M.S., Executive Director

Assembly Center • ERIC A. EDWARDS, B.S., Director

Budget and Planning • L. ROBERT KUHN, JR., M.B.A., Associate Vice Chancellor

Bursar Operations • LAURENCE S. BUTCHER, B.S., Bursar

Contracted Auxiliary Services • ERIC N. MONDAY, B.S., Assistant Vice Chancellor

•• Campus Card Operations • TONI FREY, B.G.S., Manager

•• LSU Bookstore • JOE BENDER, B.S., General Manager

•• LSU Dining • DAVID HEIDKE, B.A., Resident District Manager

Equal Employment Opportunity • MARIAN CAILLIER, M.B.A., Director

Facility Services • JOE KELLEY, M.P.A., P.E., Executive Director

•• Energy Services • PETER N. DAVIDSON, B.S., Director

•• Facility Development • BILL ESKEW, B.F.A., Director

••Facility Maintenance • JOHN A. SPUSTEK, B.S., Director

•• Golf Course • MICHAEL N. JOHNSON, B.A., Director

•• Office of Resource Services • PAUL FAVALORO, M.P.A., Director

Internal Auditing • JACK T. KELLOGG, B.A., C.I.A., Director

Procurement Services and Property Management • ROSEMARY WILHELM, B.S., C.P.P.B., Executive Director

•• University Stores • TOM DAVID, B.A., Director

••Graphic Services • MICHAEL K. LOYD, B.A., Director

•• Mailing Services • DARBY LANDAICHE, Manager

Public Safety • GARY T. DURHAM, B.A., Executive Director

•• Occupational and Environmental Safety • MICHAEL S. DURHAM, M.B.A., P.E., C.S.P., Director

•• Police Department • RANDY WATTS, B.A., Chief

•• Parking, Traffic, and Transportation • GARY S. GRAHAM, B.A., Director

Sponsored Programs • JAMES L. BATES, B.S., Director

Research and Graduate Studies

GEORGE M. STRAIN, Ph.D.• Interim Vice

Chancellor & Interim Dean of the Graduate School

RICHARD L. KURTZ • Interim Associate Vice Chancellor

TODD A. POURCIAU, M.A.H. • Assistant Vice Chancellor

Center for Coastal, Energy, and Environmental Resources • RUSSELL L. CHAPMAN, Ph.D., Executive Director

Center for Energy Studies • ALLAN G. PULSIPHER, Ph.D., Executive Director

Graduate School • JOHN M. LARKIN, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean

J. Bennett Johnston, Sr., Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices • JOSEF HORMES, Ph.D., Director

Louisiana Space Consortium • JOHN P. WEFEL, Ph.D., Director

Hurricane Center • MARC LEVITAN, Ph.D., Director

Sea Grant Development • JACK R. VAN LOPIK, Ph.D., Executive Director


Student Life and Academic Services

F. NEIL MATHEWS, Ph.D. • Vice Chancellor

DORIS B. COLLINS, M.S. • Associate Vice Chancellor

ARTHUR A. GOULAS, B.A. • Assistant Vice Chancellor

D'ANN MORRIS, B.A. • Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

JASON REX TOLLIVER, B.S., Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Dean of Students • JAMES W. TROTT, Ed.D., Interim Dean

•• Randy Gurie, M.A., Associate Dean

•• James Wells, M.S., Associate Dean for Judicial Affairs

•• Robert Wooten, M.A., Associate Dean

•• Career Services • MARY FEDUCCIA, M.Ed., Director

Enrollment Management • KAREN K. DENBY, Ed.D, Dean

•• Admissions • CLEVE BROOKS, M.Ed., Interim Director

•• Student Aid and Scholarships • KATHLEEN M. SCIACCHETANO, M.Ed., Director

•• Office of the University Registrar • ROBERT K. DOOLOS, M.A., University Registrar

•• Orientation/Spring Testing • BONNIE ALFORD, M.Ed., Director

University College • CAROLYN C. COLLINS, M.Ed., Dean

•• Center for Advising and Counseling • PAUL IVEY, M.Ed., Assistant Dean

•• Center for the Freshman Year • PAUL IVEY, M.Ed., Assistant Dean

•• Center for Academic Success • SAUNDRA McGUIRE, Ph.D., Director

•• Ronald McNair Program • CONNIE STELLY, M.Ed., Director

•• Student Support Services • DEBORAH HOLLIER, M.S.W., Director

Student Auxiliary Services • DORIS B. COLLINS, M.S., Associate Vice Chancellor

•• LSU Union • SHIRLEY PLAKIDAS, B.S., Director

•• Recreational Sports • ELAINE PURDY, M.B.A., Interim Director

•• Residential Life • DEBORA E. BAKER, M.Ed., Director

•• Student Media • MARI SEREBROV, M.A., Director

Student Health Center • ARTHUR A. GOULAS, B.A., Director

TIMOTHY S. HONIGMAN, M.D., Chief of Staff

•• Mental Health Service • BERNARD ATKINSON, Ph.D., Director

•• Wellness Outreach Services • JULIE HUPPERICH, B.S., Assistant Director

•• Disability Services • BENJAMIN CORNWELL, M.H.S., Assistant Director

LSU Chancellor Mark A. Emmert