Faculty - I

EMILIO A. ICAZA, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Experimental Statistics; Director, Information Technology Support. Ph.D., LSU.

**OMOWUMI O. ILEDARE, Adjunct Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental Studies; Associate Professor (Research), Center for Energy Studies. Ph.D., West Virginia University.

*RICHARD L. IMLAY, Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Ph.D., Princeton University.

†KASIMU H. INGAWA, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dairy Science; Assistant Professor, Southern University. Ph.D., LSU.

DENNIS R. INGRAM, Associate Professor of Poultry Science. Ph.D., University of Florida.

*MASAMITCHI INOUE, Associate Professor of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences; Associate Professor in Coastal Studies Institute. Ph.D., Texas A&M University.

†GEORGIA L. IRBY-MASSIE, Instructor in Classics (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures). Ph.D., University of Colorado.

*STUART A. IRVINE, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Assistant Chair for Religious Studies, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Ph.D., Emory University.

**RAYMOND ISAACS, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture. Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.

*BLAKE IVES, Ourso Family Distinguished Professor of Information Systems and Director of Center for Virtual

Organization and Commerce; Professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences. Ph.D., University of Minnesota.

*S. SITHARAMA IYENGAR, Professor of Computer Science; Chair, Department of Computer Science. Ph.D., Mississippi State University.

YURUK IYRIBOZ, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; Medical Director, A.I.M. + Medical Walk-In Clinic. M.D., Aegean University Medical School (Turkey); M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University.



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