Veterinary Medicine

Listing of Course Designations & Rubrics

Veterinary Medicine - VMED

Courses in the professional curriculum are designated as Veterinary Medicine (VMED) courses, rather than departmental courses, because of the integration of the disciplines. These courses, all at the 5000 level, are described in the School of Veterinary Medicine Bulletin. Prerequisite for enrollment in these courses is formal admission to the professional curriculum in the School of Veterinary Medicine. All courses must be taken in the proper sequence, as each is a prerequisite for the succeeding course. The following courses are utilized by all concentrations in the Veterinary Medical Sciences graduate program.

7001 Seminar: Veterinary Medical Sciences (1) May be taken for a max. of 8 hrs. of credit. Reports and discussions on topics of current interest in various disciplines of veterinary medicine.

7004 Introduction to Research (2) F Prereq.: consent of instructor. Concepts and methodology in developing research programs; selection of a research problem; planning, execution, and publication of original research.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.

8900 Pre-dissertation Research (1-9) May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. of credit.

9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.



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