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University - UNIV

Unique courses of timely and general interest are offered periodically as "University" courses. These courses are interdisciplinary, broad in scope, and centered on topics of current concern. Permission to offer a UNIV course must be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs and the course must be approved by the Faculty Senate Courses and Curricula Committee. University courses may not be offered more than twice (with the exception of The Boyd Professor Lecture Series). Each course carries undergraduate credit of one to three semester hours. Acceptance of such credit toward fulfillment of degree requirements is decided by the faculty of each college or school within the University. The topic, credit, and class time of each University course are announced by the Office of Academic Affairs prior to the beginning of the semester in which the course is to be taught.

University courses have been offered on such topics as The Constitution: Then and Now (1987), The Age of the French Revolution (1989), Diversity in America (1990), The Holocaust (1992), Political Communication (1993), Race Relations (1995), and The Boyd Professor Lecture Series (2000).




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