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Religious Studies - REL

General education courses are marked with stars ().

1003 Introduction to Religion (3) Ways of being religious; nature of religious experience; nature and function of religious scripture, stories, beliefs, and rituals; role of religions in social and individual life.

1004 Old Testament (3) Scholarly study of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) against the background of the history and religious life of ancient Israel.

1005 New Testament (3) Thought, literature, and history of the New Testament; emphasis on gospel traditions about Jesus, theology of St. Paul, and methods of modern Biblical criticism.

1006 HONORS: New Testament (3) Same as REL 1005, with special honors emphasis for qualified students.

1007 HONORS: Old Testament (3) Same as REL 1004, with special honors emphasis for qualified students.

1015 HONORS: Introduction to Religion (3) Same as REL 1003, with special honors emphasis for qualified students.

1101, 1103 Biblical Hebrew (3,3) REL 1101 is a prerequisite for REL 1103. Grammar, syntax, and vocabulary; readings of narrative portions of the Old Testament.

2001 Faith and Doubt (3) Intellectual sources of religious doubt; alternatives to traditional Judeo-Christian religion, including existentialism, Freudianism, and psychological behaviorism.

2005 Jesus in History and Tradition (3) Search for the historical Jesus; Biblical and nonBiblical sources and influential theories about Jesus.

2006 HONORS: Jesus in History and Tradition (3) Same as REL 2005, with special honors emphasis for qualified students.

2027 Eastern Religions (3) Doctrines, practices, and philosophical import of major religions of Southern and Eastern Asia.

2028 Philosophy of Religion (3) Same as PHIL 2028. Meaning of religion as a pervasive phenomenon in human societies; faith and reason, nature of divinity, arguments for and against God's existence, religious knowledge and experience, morality and cult, the problem of evil.

2029 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (3) Doctrines and practices of the three major religions of the Western world; teachings of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Koran.

2030 HONORS: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (3) Same as REL 2029, with special honors emphasis for qualified students.

2101 Judaism (3) Jewish history, faith, and worship; Judaism's past and present relation with Christianity and Islam.

2120 The Holocaust (3) Responses of Judaism and the Christian church to Nazi Germany's killing of the Jews; issues about God, human morality, Western civilization, and modernity.

2130 The Religion of Islam (3) Islam and the various communities and beliefs of Muslims; the prophet Muhammad, the Quran (Koran), excerpts from the leading Islamic theologians, Islamic theories of law and politics, relations to other religions, and the modern impact of Islam.

2201 Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and Charismatics (3) Roots, guiding convictions, methods of biblical interpretation, mass media activity of these religions in the U.S.

2925 Independent Study/Tutorial (1) Prereq.: 3 sem. hrs. of religious studies courses and at least a 2.50 gpa. May be taken for a max. of 3 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Readings, conferences, and reports under faculty direction.

3004 Archaeology and the Bible (3) Also offered as ANTH 3004. Major figures and discoveries influencing the historical study of the Bible; emphasis on results of excavations and discovery of written documents and inscriptions.

3005 Paul and Early Christianity (3) Paul's writings in historical context; assessment of his place in the development of the church; significant themes in his theology.

3010 Special Topics in Religious Studies (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.

3015 Christian Philosophy (3) See PHIL 3015.

3028 Mysticism (3) Mystical religious experience in eastern and western religion; some attention to shamanism and the occult; mystical grounds for belief in God.

3051 Apocalypse: Then and Now (3) The Book of Revelation in its historical and social setting; and in relation to the apocalyptic literature of early Judaism and contemporary culture.

3101 American Judaism (3) American Jewish history; Judaism as a cultural entity and religious faith.

3102 American Catholic History (3) Roman Catholicism in its North American context: the European heritage; immigration; political, intellectual, and devotional life.

3104 Ancient Hebrew Prophets (3) Prophetic movement in ancient Israel; different modern interpretations of prophecy.

3124 The Literature of the English Bible (3) Also offered as ENGL 3124.

3201 Psychological Theories of Religion (3) Also offered as PSYC 3201. Use of various psychological theories to explain religious belief and practice, conversion experiences, ritual acts, and altered states of mind.

3236 Literature and Religion: An Overview (3) See ENGL 3236.

3238 Religion and Film (3) Interaction between religion and film; approaches to the analysis of religion in film; emphasis on shared literary grounds.

3300 Women and Religion (3) Role of women in the religions of the world.

3600 Hinduism (3) A survey of Hinduism from its origins to Gandhi.

4005 History of the Christian Church: 50-450 (3) Also offered as HIST 4005. Christianity's rise to prominence; its struggle against paganism; emphasis on institutional history of the church.

4006 History of the Christian Church: 450-1350 (3) Also offered as HIST 4006. Medieval Latin Christianity; emphasis on central role of the church in culture, politics, and social organization.

4011 The Age of Reformation (3) See HIST 4011.

4012 History of Modern Christian Thought (3) Prereq.: one religious studies course. Also offered as HIST 4012. Major figures in the history of Christian thought from the Reformation through the 19th century.

4031 Comparative Religions (3) See ANTH 4031.

4032 Religion, Gender, and Society (3) Also offered as ANTH 4032. Examination of the link between religious ideas and gender formulations within simple and complex societies and certain religious communities.

4033 Religion in Politics (3) See POLI 4033.

4050 A History of God (3) Traces the development of the concept of God from antiquity to the present.

4051 Gnosticism and Early Christianity (3) Exploration of the Gnostic religious perspective; its origins and the responses of early Christian leaders.

4095 The Middle East to 1800 (3) See HIST 4095.

4096 The Modern Middle East (3) See HIST 4096.

4125 History of Ancient Israel (3) Also offered as HIST 4125. Israelite history from its beginnings to the Christian era; readings from biblical and other ancient Near Eastern texts.

4161 History of Religion in the United States (3) See HIST 4161.

4171 Religion in Southern Culture (3) Religion as a component of Southern history and culture; emphasis on the religious culture of Louisiana.

4191 Religions of China and Japan (3) See HIST 4191.

4227 Contemporary Christian Thought (3) Major theologians and theological movements of the 20th century.

4228 Major Religious Thinkers (3) May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Concentrated study of the work of a religious thinker.

4236 Studies in Literature and Religion (3) See ENGL 4236.

4300 Theories of Myth (3) Theories from anthropology, sociology, psychology, and history of religion.

4350 Religious Ethics (3) Ethical issues derived from religious traditions.

4500 Seminar in Biblical Studies (3) Prereq.: one course in Biblical studies. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.

4800 Buddhism (3) Fundamental teachings from the Buddha to Zen; emphasis on Indian, Tibetan, and South and East Asian traditions.

4928 Augustine, Anselm, and Aquinas (3) See PHIL 4928.

4944 Philosophical Theology (3) See PHIL 4944.

4990 Independent Reading and Research (1-3) Open to advanced students with prior approval of faculty member who will direct the course. Student is responsible for selecting area of reading and research and gaining agreement of faculty member to direct the course. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.

7250 Seminar: Theoretical Study of Religion (3) Method, theory, and approaches in the study of religion; emphasis on classical and recent works in the discipline.

7600 Seminar: Western Religions (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Modern critical study of Western religions; relationship between religion and Western culture.

7700 Seminar: Asian Religions (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Texts, ideas, and practices of major Asian religions; sociological, anthropological, historical, and psychological issues.

7990 Independent Study (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary.



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