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Marketing - MKT

2000 Marketing and Society (3) Not open to students in the E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration. Marketing aspects of contemporary social issues; emphasis on methods for dealing with societal issues and their impact on marketing activities.

3401 Principles of Marketing (3) Prereq.: ACCT 2000 or 2001, and either ECON 2030 or ECON 2010 and 2020. Lecture-discussion, case analysis, marketing-simulation game; the field of marketing; marketing environment, functions, and institutional structure at a macro level; marketing strategy and policies at a micro level; problems of cost and productivity; view points of society, consumer, and marketing manager.

3410 Sports Marketing (3) Application of marketing concepts to sports and leisure activities; emphasis on planning and strategy development.

3411 Consumer Analysis and Behavior (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Dynamics of consumer markets; their significance to marketing executives; identification and measurement of market segments; analysis of their behavioral patterns as a basis for marketing strategy.

3413 Marketing Research (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401 and ISDS 2000. Formulation of marketing policies; theories, concepts, and methodology involved in applying research to marketing problems.

3421 Marketing Communication: Promotion (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Nature and contributions of personal selling and advertising to the firm's problems of demand stimulation; concepts related to integration and organization of promotional effort to facilitate communication programs for products and/or services.

3427 Buyer-Seller Communication (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Communication theory and sales principles needed for successful sales career; buyer behavior and sales tactics; sales strategies; communication in buyer-seller relationships.

3431 Retailing Management (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Store organization, operation, and management; retail method of inventory; problems connected with retail buying and selling.

3433 Distribution Channels, Structure, and Management (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Distribution channel's functions, structures, and processes; the channel as an economic and behavioral system; relationship between channel members; marketing manager's viewpoint; vertical marketing systems including franchises; channel design; communication information systems; management by different channel members; evaluation of channel performance.

3441 Business Marketing (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Strategies developed by manufacturers to compete for markets; differences between industrial and final consumer markets; function of industrial purchasing with regard to selection of sources of supply and development of purchasing policies; strategic overview of marketing; how companies buy and sell from each other; not confined to industrial companies.

3500 Marketing Tools Fundamentals (3) Prereq.: credit or registration in MKT 3401. Coverage of current and emerging computer-based and other tools used by marketing practitioners.

4414 Marketing Research Field Project (3) Prereq.: MKT 3413. Advanced marketing research problems and theory; client-supplier relations; research proposals and reports.

4423 Sales Management (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Principles of sales planning and control; organizing sales departments, developing territories, motivating sales persons, and controlling sales operations.

4437 Direct Marketing (3) Principles of direct marketing process; planning and implementation of direct marketing campaigns; direct marketing through direct mail, catalogs, publications, telephone, and electronic media; list management and data base marketing; direct marketing campaigns for consumers, business customers, and international markets.

4440 Marketing on the Internet (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Appreciation of marketing principles and practices pertaining to the use of the Internet by organizations.

4442 Strategic Internet Marketing (3) Prereq.: MKT 4440 or consent of instructor. Study of the concepts, principles, and practices concerning the development and implementation of a strategic plan for use in electronic commerce on the Internet with emphasis on the Internet as an alternative marketing delivery system.

4443 International Marketing (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Global marketing environment and analytical processes; global marketing as all-encompassing (import-export, joint ventures, foreign subsidiaries, licensing, management contracts); marketing systems in various countries; strategies for international and multinational operations.

4445 Internship in Marketing (1-6) Prereq.: Senior standing or consent of instructor. Primarily for seniors in marketing. May be repeated for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit. Pass-fail grading. On-the-job experience in approved marketing positions.

4451 Marketing Management (3) Prereq.: senior standing or consent of instructor. Analytical principles used in development of strategies for solving marketing problems; policy areas of product, price, channels, and promotion integrated in development of the firm's total marketing effort.

4477 Independent Study: Advanced Marketing Problems (1-6) For undergraduate students in the E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration with a gpa of 3.00 or above. May be repeated for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. credit. Pass-fail grading. Independent research under direction of a faculty member.

4488 Advanced Topics in Retailing Management (3) Prereq.: MKT 3431. Application of retailing theory and management techniques in areas of strategic planning and its interfaces with retailing operations; market area analysis, locational strategies and site selection; merchandising policies and instore operations; store management, product distribution, and departmental layout.

4490 Services Marketing (3) Prereq.: MKT 3401. Developing, pricing, distributing, and promoting the service; control of quality of customer encounters through service automation and/or employee selection and training; place of marketing in service organization structure; strategic implications of structure of service industries.

7110 Marketing Tools Foundations (1.5) Prereq.: credit or registration in BADM 7100 or equivalent. Introduction to current and emerging tools used by marketing practitioners, including customer tracking systems, market segmentation tools, market share analysis, and competitive intelligence.

7111 Marketing Tools Applications (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7110, credit or registration inBADM 7100 or equivalent. Applications of current and emerging tools used by marketing practitioners; use of these tools with real or simulated market situations.

7120 Customer Decision Making and Satisfaction (1.5) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Treatment of elements comprising customer expectations, evaluation of service and product performance satisfaction, and the buyer behavior process.

7121 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7120. Emphasis on formulation of marketing strategy and tactics based on consumer behavior models, conceptualizations, constructs, and information.

7130 Marketing Information Sources and Uses (1.5) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Coverage of secondary and syndicated data services and uses plus market information gathering, reporting, and interpretation techniques.

7131 Applied Marketing Research Methods (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7130. Applications of marketing research methods such as qualitative research techniques, marketing surveys, and marketing experiments.

7140 Promotion Management and Strategy (1.5) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Examines the techniques and methods used by marketing communicators with emphasis on theory and best practices.

7141 Applications of Promotion Management and Strategy (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7140. Development of a marketing promotions strategy for a present or emerging marketing organization.

7150 Global Marketing Strategies (1.5) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Examination of international marketing strategies and tactics available to organizations with global markets or facing global competition.

7151 Exporting Issues and Strategies (1.5) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Examination of marketing opportunities and strategies in exporting, including: market entry methods, low-cost marketing research, identifying and negotiating with foreign distributors, and competing with large multinational enterprises.

7160 Services Marketing (1.5) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Introduction to service marketing with emphasis on differences between service and product marketing and service quality issues.

7161 Professional Services Marketing (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7160. Central issues involved in planning, implementing, and controlling professional services marketing; treats positioning, using information technology, and ethical considerations.

7300 Marketing Strategy Formation (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7110, 7111, 7120, 7121, 7130 and 7131. Overall processes of marketing strategy formulation, including market segmentation, identification of customer need, competitor analysis, environmental analysis, and resource allocation.

7301 Marketing Strategy Implementation (1.5) Prereq.: MKT 7300. Issues involved in marketing strategy: implications of marketing strategy on organizational structure, marketing-oriented culture, customer relationship management, managing product/service quality, adaptation to environmental change, and marketing control systems.

7443 Advanced Seminar in International Marketing (3) Prereq.: MKT 4451 or BADM 7100 or equivalent. Marketing management decision processes and marketing systems in the global environment; application to multinational business operations and strategy development; marketing techniques of foreign market entry; product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions.

7450 Topics in Advanced Marketing Management (3) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or permission of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Survey of marketing management areas such as distribution channels, pricing, and product management.

7471 Marketing Strategy (3) Design, implementation, and evaluation; corporate marketing models; demand forecasting; marketing programming; product, price, promotion, and distribution policies; information systems; marketing audit; application of economic, quantitative, and behavioral tools as strategic aids to marketing management; model-building approach used to demonstrate tool applications in product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies.

7476 Marketing Theory and Thought (3) Evolution of marketing concepts, terminology, principles, and theory; development of a frame of reference for understanding the meaning and consequences of theory; prediction of future theoretical development.

7477 Seminar in Advanced Marketing Problems (3) May be taken for a max. of 9 hrs. of credit.

7486 Applications of Marketing Theory (3) Prereq.: MKT 7476 and 7713. Marketing theory development and testing; theory operationalization and refinement.

7488 Marketing Models (3) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or consent of instructor. Synthesis of theory, content area, and methodology in marketing through the study of modeling; modeling phenomena, functional forms, and analytical techniques of path analysis, simultaneous equation systems, and structural equation modeling.

7713 Marketing Construct Analysis (3) Prereq.: MKT 4451 or BADM 7100 or permission of instructor and ISDS 7024 or equivalent. Open to doctoral students. Treatment of the theory, conceptualization, and measurement of constructs used in marketing research with emphasis on the development and refinement of marketing construct measures.

7716 Advanced Marketing Research Techniques (3) Prereq.: BADM 7100. Advanced designs and techniques applied to marketing research; theory and assumptions of analytical methods; marketing applications; use of computer programs; marketing strategy; interpretations of empirical results.

7717 Advanced Seminar in Consumer Behavior (3) Prereq.: MKT 4451 or BADM 7100. Open only to doctoral students. Theoretical, conceptual, and methodological issues for selected topics in this area.

7720 Seminar in Marketing Theory and Experimental Methods (3) Prereq.: BADM 7100 or equivalent. Nature and importance of theory in marketing, interplay of theory and research methods; validity and implications in market-ing and consumer research; experimental and quasi-experimental design; pluralism in marketing and consumer research.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.

8900 Pre-dissertation Research (1-9) May be repeated for credit.

9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.



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