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Mechanical Engineering - ME

2333 Principles of Thermodynamics I (3) Prereq.: grade of "C" or better in CHEM 1202, MATH 1552, and PHYS 2101; or equivalent. Thermodynamic systems and control volumes; physical properties, work and heat; first and second laws; entropy; availability.

2733 Materials of Engineering (3) Prereq.: CHEM 1202 and credit or registration in PHYS 2102. Classification and study of engineering materials, their structure, properties, and behavior; typical metals and alloys, plastics and rubber, and ceramic materials; phase equilibria and manipulation of properties and behavior by adjustment of composition and processing variables; responses of engineering materials to stress and environmental variables.

2833 Fluid Mechanics I (3) Prereq.: CE 2450, ME 2333. Statics and dynamics of continuum liquids and gases; integral analysis, differential analysis, dimensional analysis, and similarity of fluid flows; incompressible flows; internal viscous flows; laboratory demonstrations.

3103 Engineering Mechanics, Statics, and Dynamics (3) Prereq.: junior standing; PHYS 2101 and MATH 2057 or equivalent. Credit will not be given for both this course and either CE 2450 or ME 3133. Equilibrium, kinematics, and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies in a plane.

3133 Dynamics (3) Prereq.: CE 2450 and MATH 1552. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. recitation. Vectorial treatment of kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies; force, mass, acceleration; impulse and momentum; work and energy.

3249, 3250 Engineering Practice (1-3,1-3) Su Prereq.: consent of instructor. Pass-fail grading. A minimum of 6 weeks of full-time employment by an industry participating in the summer program. Same as ENGR 3049, 3050. Selected engineering problems in an industrial environment.

3333 Thermodynamics (3) Prereq.: PHYS 2101 and MATH 1552; or equivalent. Not open to mechanical engineering majors. Basic laws of thermodynamics, availability, perfect gases and pure substances, fluid flow, and basic heat transfer.

3342 Principles of Thermodynamics II (2) Prereq: ME 2333. Cycle analysis; Clapeyron equation; volume expansivity, isothermal and adiabatic compressibility; mixtures and solutions; chemical reactions.

3602 Fundamentals of Instrumentation (2) Prereq.: EE 3950 and 3951, or equivalent; and proficiency in English as required by the College of Engineering. 1 hr. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Basic measurements theory; instrumentation fundamentals; analog and digital instrumentation.

3701 Materials of Engineering Laboratory (1) Prereq.: proficiency in English as required by the College of Engineering; ME 2733. 3 hrs. lab. Demonstrative and participative experiments to develop better understanding of characteristics of metals, ceramics, and plastics.

3752 Material Selection for Mechanical Engineers (2) Prereq.: credit or registration in CE 3400; ME 3701 or equivalent. Analysis of mechanical and other properties of engineering materials required for material selection; advanced engineering materials in mechanical engineering; applications and problems in processing and shaping; materials in selected mechanical systems.

3842 Fluid Mechanics II (2) Prereq: ME 2833. External viscous flows; compressible flows; turbulence; turbomachinery; laboratory demonstrations and experiments.

3903 Special Projects for Undergraduates (3) Prereq.: 2.50 cumulative gpa with consent of department. May be taken for a max. of 9 hrs. of credit. Library research, comprehensive design problems, and laboratory investigations.

4133 Machine Design I (3) Prereq.: CSC 2262 and ME 3133; or equivalent. Kinematic and dynamic analysis and synthesis of mechanisms.

4143 Mechanical Vibrations (3) Prereq.: CE 3400, MATH 2070, and ME 4133; or equivalent. Basic principles of oscillating systems; single and multiple degrees of freedom; dynamic balancing; applications to mechanical systems.

4153 Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms (3) S Prereq.: ME 4133 or equivalent. Three-dimensional mechanisms; emphasis on computer solution methods.

4163 Intermediate Dynamics (3) F Prereq.: MATH 2070 and ME 3133. Rotating reference frames, rigid body kinetics in three dimensions, central force motion, variable mass problems, and Lagrange's equations.

4172 Theory and Design of Mechanical Control Systems (2) Prereq.: MATH 2070, ME 3602, ME 4143. Basic principles and concepts of linear feedback control systems; stability analysis; root locus method; frequency response; compensation techniques.

4173 Vibration of Discretized Systems (3) S Prereq.: ME 4143 or equivalent. Analysis of the oscillation of multi-degree of freedom systems using finite difference, finite element, lumped parameter, and receptance techniques.

4193 Vehicle Dynamics (3) Prereq.: ME 4143. Performance, handling, and ride modeling, and design of ground vehicles. Computer simulations of vehicle responses.

4201 Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory (1) Prereq.: ME 3602 or equivalent; and credit or registration in ME 4143. 3 hrs. lab. Experiments involving basic concepts in machine design.

4202 Mechanical Engineering Design II (2) Prereq.: ME 3752, 3342, 4232, 4433, and credit or registration in ME 4172. 6 hrs. lab. Principles from heat transfer, thermodynamics, design, fluids, and materials courses utilized to complete the project set forth in the preliminary design outline submitted in ME 4232.

4232 Mechanical Engineering Design I (2) Prereq.: ECON 2030, senior standing in the College of Engineering, and credit or registration in ME 3342, 4252, 4433, or equivalent. Design project will be selected and approved (to be completed in ME 4202); project feasibility study and outline of the design project will be completed; topics from design philosophy, optimization, product reliability and liability, economics, use of ASME codes, and professional ethics.

4242 Machine Design II: Strength and Material Considerations (2) Prereq: CE 3400. Design; three-dimensional stress analysis; deflection and stiffness; static and dynamic loading.

4252 Machine Design III: Machine Component Design (2) Prereq: ME 4133 and 4242. Fasteners; welded joints; mechanical springs; rolling element bearings; gears; shafts; clutches; breaks, couplings; belts and pulleys.

4353 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics (3) S Prereq.: ME 3342 or equivalent. Postulational treatment of laws of thermodynamics; equilibrium and maximum entropy postulates; development of formal relationships; principles and application to general systems.

4383 Thermal System Design (3) Prereq.: ECON 2030, ME 3342, and ME 4433. Principles and practices concerning the design and optimization of thermal systems.

4433 Heat Transfer (3) Prereq.: ME 2333 or 3333, MATH 2070, and ME 2833; or equivalent. Principles of heat transfer by conduction, radiation, and convection.

4443 Introduction to Combustion (3) Prereq.: ME 4433. Basic principles of combustion and their application in solving engineering problems.

4453 Laser Methods in Engineering (3) Prereq.: senior standing in the College of Engineering. Basic principles of lasers and their application to engineering problems.

4533 Engineering Use of Electronic Computers (3) F Prereq.: CSC 2262 or IE 2060 or equivalent; or graduate standing. General rules of FORTRAN programming with specific details applicable to campus machines; construction of FORTRAN programs to solve mathematical problems common to all engineers; numerical methods including solutions to linear and nonlinear differential equations, least-squares approximation, interpolations, and integration.

4563 Mathematical Methods in Engineering (3) See MATH 4038.

4573 Interactive Computer Graphics (3) Prereq.: CSC 2262 or equivalent experience in mathematics and computer programming. Also offered as CSC 4356. Analytical treatment of graphics using the digital computer; graphical display and input devices; computer graphics systems and standards; two- and three-dimensional transformations; geometric modeling; interactive techniques; basic data structures; realism in 3-D graphics; future trends.

4583 Applied Interactive Graphics and Computer-Aided Design (3) F Prereq.: ME 4573 or equivalent. Also offered as CSC 4357. Application of interactive graphics techniques to solve specific problems in engineering design and data retrieval.

4611 Thermal System Laboratory (1) Prereq.: ME 3342 and 3602 or equivalent. 3 hrs. lab. Oral presentations required. Thermal system analysis and independent experimentation.

4621 Thermal Science Laboratory (1) Prereq: ME 3602, 3842, 4433, or equivalent. Laboratory demonstrations and experimentation in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer concepts.

4633 Internal Combustion Engines (3) S Prereq.: ME 2333 or 3333 or equivalent. Classification of internal combustion engines, gas turbines, cycles with different components, spark-ignition gasoline engines, detonation, carburetion, compression-ignition engines, combustion and diesel knock, fuel atomization and atomizers, combustion chambers, two- and four-stroke cycle engines, and supercharging.

4643 Thermal Environmental Engineering (3) F Prereq.: ME 3342 and credit or registration in ME 4433; or equivalent. Design of thermal environment for humans, animals, processes, and inanimate objects; the means of control.

4663 Power Plant Engineering (3) F Prereq.: ME 3342 and 4433; or equivalent. Power plants for industrial and central-station use; emphasis on cycles, design, capabilities, and economics of the plant as a whole; components used in various types of plants.

4673 Introduction to Modern Control Theory (3) S Prereq.: ME 4172 or equivalent. State space modeling, controllability, observability and stability, pole placement, optimal control laws via minimum principle and dynamic programming.

4723 Advanced Materials Analysis (3) F Prereq.: ME 2733, 3701 or equivalent. 1 hr. lecture; 6 hrs. lab. Concepts and operation of modern analytical instruments using photon or electron beams and X-rays; macroscopic and microscopic examination of materials coupled with separate and combined testing of mechanical, tribological, and corrosion properties.

4733 Deformation and Fracture of Engineering Materials (3) F Prereq.: CE 3400 and either ME 2733 or equivalent. Effect of temperature, strain rate, corrosion, and microstructure on stress-strain behavior and fracture of engineering materials, including metals, ceramics, and plastics.

4743 Kinetics in Materials Processes (3) S Prereq.: ME 2333, ME 2733 or equivalent. Applications of the principles of diffusion, phase transformation, and thermodynamics to describe the kinetics of microstructural evolution in engineering materials.

4753 Thermodynamics of Solids (3) F Prereq.: ME 2333 and 2733; or equivalent. Application of classical thermodynamics to metallurgical and other solid systems; statistical interpretation of entropy; free energy and its use in explaining phase transformations; solid solutions.

4763 Fundamentals of Corrosion Science and Engineering (3) F Prereq.: ME 2733 or equivalent, and any first course in thermodynamics. Corrosion principles; polarization, passivation, inhibition, and other phenomena; principal methods used in corrosion prevention.

4783 Composite Materials: Manufacturing, Properties, and Design (3) Prereq.: ME 2733 and CE 3400 or equivalent. Constituent materials, micro- and macromechanics, mechanical behavior, fracture, manufacturing and design of components made of composite materials, including polymer, ceramic, and metal matrix materials.

4843 Gas Dynamics (3) F Prereq.: MATH 2070 and ME 3342; or equivalent. Derivation and review of basic equations of compressible fluid flow; reduction of the general problem to 1-D flow; 1-D flow in nozzles with and without friction; 1-D flow with heat addition; normal shock wave, Prandtl-Myer turn, and oblique shock waves.

4853 Turbomachinery (3) Prereq.: ME 3342, 3842, and 4433. Preliminary design of axial- and radial-flow pumps, compressors, and turbines; determination of optimum flow angles and dimensions, blade design, blade selection, and performance prediction.

4933 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Two sections may be taken concurrently.

4943 Special Problems in Aerospace Engineering (3) Prereq.: senior standing in mechanical engineering or related discipline. May be taken for a max. of 12 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Aerodynamic problems of special interest in the analysis and design of water, land, air, and space transportation systems.

7103 Mechanical Analysis (3) Prereq.: CE 3400, EE 2950, ME 4201 and MATH 2057; or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Analytical prediction and experimental verification of strains velocities, accelerations, and jerk in various machine members (static and dynamic) using a wide variety of instrumentation, simplification, and recording equipment; photoelasticity, brittle coatings, and Moirefringe methods; seismic-response theory.

7133 Optimum Synthesis of Mechanical Systems (3) S Computational design of mechanical engineering components and systems; optimum performance and design using nonlinear programming with constraints.

7143 Theory of Thermal Stress (3) F Prereq.: CE 4440 or equivalent. Origin of thermal stress; external constraints, fundamental equations of uncoupled isotropic thermoelasticity; solutions of typical thermoelastic problems; properties of materials at high temperatures; problems in creep.

7233 Advanced Machine Design (3) S Prereq.: ME 4252 or equivalent.

7243 Bearing Design and Lubrication (3) S Prereq.: ME 4773 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Derivation of fluid flow in bearings; principles of hydrodynamics lubrication and application to journal and thrust bearings; effect of environment on type of lubrication systems and lubricants; heat generation in bearing and heat transfer; compressible fluid and solid lubricants.

7253 Advanced Computer-Aided Design (3) F Prereq.: CSC 2262 or equivalent. Systematic application and integration of modern interactive computer graphics.

7263 Computer-Aided Geometric Modeling (3) S Prereq.: ME 4573 or equivalent. Mathematical elements of modeling complex free-form geometry in two and three dimensions for design, analysis, and display; wireframe, surface, and solid geometric modeling; computer graphics and algebraic, computational, and projective geometry.

7433 Advanced Heat Transfer I (3) F Prereq.: MATH 4016 or equivalent. Steady and transient heat conduction.

7443 Advanced Heat Transfer II (3) F Prereq.: ME 7843 or equivalent. Convection heat transfer.

7453 Advanced Heat Transfer III (3) S Prereq.: consent of instructor. Radiation heat transfer and advanced topics.

7533 Advanced Engineering Use of Electronic Computers (3) V Prereq.: ME 4533 or equivalent. Computer methods used to solve engineering problems; advanced numerical methods.

7603 Advanced Experimental Methods (3) S Prereq.: consent of instructor. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Applied course in contemporary analog and digital laboratory tools and techniques.

7633 Advanced Engineering System Dynamics (3) Prereq.: ME 4172 or equivalent. Dynamic system modeling; bond graphs; state-determined systems; simulation; controllability/observability.

7673 Advanced Mechanical Systems Control (3) F Prereq.: ME 4172 or equivalent. Analysis and design of distributed parameter feedback control systems; observability, controllability, and stability of distributed parameter systems; state estimation and optimal control of distributed systems; parameter identification and adaptive control techniques.

7723 Materials Characterization Using Electron Beam Methods (3) Prereq.: ME 2733. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Theory and principles of electron optics, electron microscopy, and spectroscopy; preparation, observation, and characterization of materials by electron beams.

7733 Flow and Fracture in Solids (3) S Prereq.: CE 4440 or equivalent. Plastic deformation of single crystals and polycrystalline aggregates; theories of ductile and brittle fracture; internal friction; fatigue, creep and stress rupture; residual stresses; plastic forming of metals.

7743 Physical Metallurgy (3) S Prereq.: ME 2733 or graduate standing. Quantitative evaluation of metallurgical ideas; atomistic mechanisms, statistical mechanics, dislocation theory, and thermodynamic principles.

7763 Advanced Corrosion Science and Engineering (3) S Prereq.: ME 4763 or equivalent. Advanced topics in corrosion; stress corrosion, high temperature corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, etc.; thermodynamics of surfaces and corrosion.

7813 Computation of Boundary Layer Flows and Heat Transfer (3) F Prereq.: ME 2833 and 4433 or equivalent, and CSC 1240 or 1241 or 2262 or ME 4533 or equivalent. Finite-difference methods for the solution of parabolic or boundary layer equations; use of a computer program for two-dimensional boundary layers; wall boundary layers, jets and wakes, flows in pipes, annuli, nozzles, and diffusers.

7823 Computation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer (3) S Prereq.: ME 2833 and 4433 and either CSC 1240 or 1241 or 2262 or ME 4533; or equivalent. Finite-difference methods for solving equations of fluid motions and energy; computer program used to solve complex problems involving fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical reaction; mathematical models for turbulence, radiation, and combustion; their computing implications; application of prediction procedures for practical situations.

7833 Inviscid Fluid Flow (3) S Prereq.: ME 7863 or equivalent. Potential flow theory and gas dynamics; multidimensional compressible flow; computational gas dynamics.

7843 Viscous Fluid Flow (3) S Prereq.: ME 7863 or equivalent. Navier-Stokes equations; Stokes and Oseen approximations for low Reynolds number flows; incompressible laminar boundary layer theory; transition; turbulent boundary layers, compressibility effects, and numerical methods.

7853 Advanced Boundary Layer Theory (3) S Prereq.: ME 7843 or equivalent. NonNewtonian and turbulent fluid mechanics.

7863 Fluid Dynamics (3) F Prereq.: credit or registration in MATH 4038 or equivalent. Fluid dynamics as continuum mechanics; potential flow using complex variables in two dimensions and superposition in three dimensions; viscous flow and Navier-Stokes equations; compressible flow, including mach waves, shocks, and linearized aerodynamics.

7901 Seminar (1) All graduate students are expected to attend this course every semester; only 1 sem. hr. of credit in this course allowed toward degree. Pass-fail grading.

7903 Independent Study in Mechanical Engineering (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit. Directed independent study for graduate students.

7933, 7943 Mechanical Engineering Problems (3,3)

7953 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering (3) May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary, with consent of department. Mechanical engineering treatment of various areas of interest.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.

9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.



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