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Industrial Engineering - IE

1002 Industrial Engineering Fundamentals (3) Design; introduction to computers; description of the profession.

2060 Introduction to the Use of Computers (3) Prereq.: eligibility to take MATH 1550 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Principles of digital programming; application of subroutines; application of electronic computers to typical engineering problems; OS operation, Microsoft Office, and Group Ware.

3201 Principles of Engineering Economy (3) Credit will not be given for both this course and IE 3710. Planning economy studies for decision making, including considerations of rate of return, cost and yield studies, depreciation and tax relationships, increment costs, replacement, and introduction to multivariate alternative studies.

3302 Engineering Statistics (3) Prereq.: MATH 1552. Probability, discrete and continuous distributions, functions of random variables, estimation theory, tests of hypotheses including goodness-of-fit and independence.

3603 Manufacturing Processes and Methods (3) Prereq.: CM 1030, ME 2733. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Modern manufacturing processes integrated into total manufacturing systems; CAD/CAM flexible manufacturing operations; metal casting, forming, removal; welding processes and machinery; fine measurement, inspection, and quality assurance.

3710 Engineering Systems Analysis and Optimization (3) Prereq.: IE 2060 or equivalent and MATH 2057. Credit will not be given for both this course and IE 3201. Project scheduling methods, engineering economy, linear and nonlinear programming in the analysis and optimization of engineering systems.

4362 Advanced Engineering Statistics (3) Prereq.: IE 3302. Linear regression and correlation, curvilinear regression, analysis of variance, and factorial experiments.

4419 Engineering Production Control (3) Prereq.: IE 1002 and 4510; or equivalent. Organization and functions of industry; production control planning; scheduling, forecasting, and inventory relationships; network scheduling principles.

4425 Information Systems Engineering (3) Prereq.: credit or registration in IE 4510. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Analysis and design of information systems; projects relating comprehensive computer systems to typical industrial and service applications; ethics and professionalism.

4426 Distributed Information Systems Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 4425 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Interfacing programs to databases; analysis and development of client-server applications in industrial and business settings; interfacing databases and industrial applications to the internet; analysis, design, and implementation of industrial and business networks.

4453 Industrial Quality Control (3) Prereq.: IE 3302. Principles and practice of quality assurance and control; theory of statistical sampling and control and related economic analysis.

4461 Human Factors Engineering (3) Prereq.: senior standing. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Human performance in human-machine systems, including information processing, display and control design, workplace design, and environmental effects on worker performance.

4462 Safety Engineering (3) Occupational safety and health and accident prevention management; design and implementation of safety programs; cost analysis; control of hazardous physical and environmental conditions.

4463 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene Engineering (3) Prereq.: senior standing. Basic principles of chemical hazards, air contamination, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, sound and vibration, and thermal stresses; theoretical foundation and application of theory in the control of occupational health hazards.

4465 Biomechanics for Engineers (3) See BE 4323.

4466 Human Performance with Information Processing Systems (3) Prereq.: IE 1002 or equivalent. Systems approach to the identification, design, analysis, and development of human-operated information processing systems; applications to practical problems in industry, armed services, athletics, music, and education.

4470 Knowledge-Based Systems in Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 4425 or equivalent computer experience. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Tools and techniques of knowledge-based expert systems as applied to engineering problems; expert systems theory; systems building tools; state-of-the-art engineering expert systems.

4480 Manufacturing Automation (3) Prereq.: IE 3201 and 3603. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Application of computer-based control system techniques to manufacturing automation; programming of numerically controlled machine tools using Compact II and APT; robotics with multidegree of freedom linkages; NC programming using CAD/CAM; computer-automated part programming.

4485 Monitoring and Control of Manufacturing Operations (3) Prereq.: IE 2060, 3603, 4425. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Principles and practices of microprocessor-based measurement, control, and communications within manufacturing environments.

4487 Engineering Project Management (3) Prereq.: senior standing. Series of design projects. Development of networks, time estimation, and level of detail, scheduling computations, project cost control, time-cost trade-off, PERT, and computer processing.

4490 Engineering Maintenance Management (3) Prereq.: IE 1002, 4510, and credit or registration in IE 4425. Design, operation, and monitoring of a system to efficiently control maintenance costs; maintenance organization and systems, preventive maintenance, maintenance planning and scheduling, maintenance work measurement, labor performance measures, and spare parts.

4510 Operations Research in Engineering I (3) Prereq.: MATH 2085 or 2090 or equivalent; and credit or registration in IE 3302. Linear programming; queuing theory; inventory theory; simulation models and math models relevant to engineering problems.

4511 Industrial Simulation (3) Prereq.: IE 4510, 2060, credit or registration in IE 4362, or equivalents. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Also offered as ISDS 4511. Computer used to simulate operating characteristics of industrial systems in time; problems encountered in constructing simulation programs applied to industrial plant operations and service-industry systems.

4512 Operations Research in Engineering II (3) Prereq.: IE 4510.Stochastic models; decisions under uncertainty; arrival and departure distributions; advanced topics in mathematical programming.

4516 Plant and Systems Design (3) Prereq.: IE 3201, 4510 and senior standing in College of Engineering. Machine loading, assembly balancing techniques, design of physical-manufacturing systems, integrating materials-handling systems into the plant, design of plant-service systems, site and plant location, and projects involving plant design using optimization techniques; ethics and professionalism.

4540 Reliability Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 3302. Reliability in design; reliability models; reliability assessment during preproduction development and testing; and special problems in maintenance, spare parts, and Markov processes.

4599 Industrial Engineering Senior Design Project (3) Prereq.: IE 3603; credit or registration in IE 4419, 4425, 4511, and 4516. Should be taken during the last semester of the undergraduate program. Application of previous industrial engineering courses in a comprehensive design project; preparation for the FE exam in industrial engineering.

4607 Industrial Relations (3) Prereq.: senior standing. Industrial organization; personnel forecasting; sources, selection, appraisal, and evaluation; training, compensation, and motivation; labor relations including contract negotiation, administration, and grievance handling.

4785 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering (1-3) Prereq.: senior standing. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Two sections may be taken concurrently if topics vary. Topics in industrial engineering not sufficiently covered in other undergraduate courses.

4855 Application of Animation to Engineering Problems (3) Prereq.: proficiency in a programming language. Techniques for applying computer graphics to animation and surface visualization; uses in engineering design and process descriptions.

7201 Advanced Engineering Economy (3) Prereq.: IE 3201 or equivalent. Engineering economic analysis, multiple projects and constraints, utility in project selection, preference ordering theory, and capital equipment pricing theory.

7211 Project Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 3201 or equivalent. Large-scale engineering construction or development projects from schematic to on-line condition.

7382 Probability Theory in Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 4362 or equivalent. Random variables and their functions; transformation of random variables; sets of random variables and random sequences; expectation, special distributions, random processes, discrete and continuous Markov processes, birth and death processes, and waiting line theory.

7408 Industrial Systems Simulation (3) Prereq.: IE 4510 and ME 4533; or equivalent. Design, testing, and operation of mathematical models to simulate industrial systems.

7425 Manufacturing Information Systems Design (3) Prereq.: IE 4425 or equivalent. Concepts in information systems design with emphasis and assignments related to Computer Integrated Manufacturing and product definition data exchange; other computer-based design support systems.

7453 Advanced Quality Control (3) Prereq.: IE 4453 or equivalent. Advanced procedures of statistical quality control, statistical analysis of quality control data, economic aspects of quality assurance, human element in quality control, and relationship of quality control to productivity and to ability of American products to compete in world markets.

7461 Ergonomics in Work Design (3) Prereq.: IE 4461 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Introduction to anthropometry, functional anatomy and physiology, and their application in work design and task assessment.

7463 Industrial Hygiene Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 4463 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Evaluation and control of industrial environments; noise and vibration, industrial illumination, radiation, thermal stresses, air quality and contamination; design of ventilation systems.

7464 Work Physiology (3) Prereq.: IE 4461 or equivalent. Study of worker's physiological responses (cardiovascular, pulmonary, muscular) to work applicable to task design and evaluation, employee selection and placement, and work-rest scheduling.

7465 Occupational Biomechanics (3) Prereq.: IE 4461 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Principles of biomechanics applied to human movement; applications to work systems such as manual materials handling and tool design.

7466 Human Interaction with Computers (3) Prereq.: IE 4461 or IE 4466 or equivalent. Ergonomics of the use of interactive computer systems; general characteristics and requirements of people-oriented computer systems from the perspective of different disciplines and tasks, e.g., text editing.

7470 Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Systems (3) Prereq.: IE 4425 or equivalent. Application of artificial intelligence tools and techniques to computer integrated manufacturing systems including maintenance, product design, process planning, factory scheduling and control, robotics, and intelligent warehouse systems.

7480 Automation and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (3) Prereq.: IE 3201 and MATH 1552; or equivalent. Automated flow-line production, numerical control, industrial robots, computer-aided manufacturing, process monitoring and control, group technology, flexible manufacturing systems, and material requirements planning.

7485 Advanced Microcomputer Applications (3) Prereq.: IE 4485 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Advanced topics in microprocessors/microcomputer control in manufacturing; input/output design; interfacing; hardware and software considerations.

7490 Advanced Maintenance Management (3) Prereq.: IE 4490 and 4510; or equivalent. Statistical and operations research applied to maintenance management.

7540 Advanced Reliability Engineering (3) Prereq.: IE 4540 or equivalent. Analysis of reliability, maintainability, and availability of large production facilities; applications to a variety of manufacturing environments.

7541 Linear Programming Algorithms (3) Prereq.: IE 4510 or equivalent. Optimization of linear objective functions subject to linear constraints; vector spaces, convex analysis, polyhedral sets; matrix versions of simplex, revised simplex, bounded variables; duality theory and primal-dual simplex algorithms; postoptimal and parametric analysis; decomposition, and cutting plane algorithms.

7551 Queuing Theory (3) Prereq.: IE 4510 or equivalent. Fundamentals of queuing processes, transient and limiting behavior, measures of effectiveness; birth and death processes, single and multi-server queues, priorities, balking, batch arrivals, and services; matrix representation of certain queuing systems; applications, statistical inference, design and control of queues.

7561 Programming Methods in Operations Research (3) Prereq.: IE 4510 or equivalent. Aspects of advanced programming methods for unconstrained and constrained problems; development of goal, zero-one, gert, and multiple objective programming with application to industrial processes and planning.

7640 Equipment Failure Analysis and Prevention (3) Prereq.: credit or registration in IE 4540 or equivalent. Analysis, monitoring, and prevention of failures in mechanical equipment; failure mechanisms; mechanical failure analysis techniques; Weibull failure analysis techniques; and failure management.

7642 Administration of Engineering and Technical Personnel (3) Prereq.: consent of instructor. Also offered as CHE 7302. Problems encountered by engineering personnel in administering other engineers and/or technical personnel; human relations; engineer as leader, supervisor, and administrator; wage and salary administration.

7645 Management of Technology (3) Cross-listed with MGT 7001. Importance of technology management to state, region, nation, company, industry; management of R&D and product/process development; preparation of business plans; differences between invention, innovation, and role of entrepreneur.

7720, 7721 Industrial Engineering Problems (3,3) Student interest in specialized industrial engineering areas such as design and analysis of complex production control, maintenance, quality control, reliability, and work-measurement systems.

7761 Production Planning and Control (3) Prereq.: IE 4419 or 4510 or equivalent. Deterministic and probabilistic inventory models, static and dynamic models for production planning; multi-stage, multi-echelon production systems; sequencing and scheduling; line balancing and workforce scheduling.

7771 Engineering Design of Manufacturing Systems (3) Prereq.: IE 4419 and 4510 or equivalent. Principles in modeling, analysis, design, and operations; mass production, cellular manufacturing, machine location and layout, job routing and loading strategy; material handling and storage/retrieval systems.

7899 Seminar (1) All industrial engineering graduate students are expected to enroll every semester. Only 1 sem. hr. of credit allowed toward degree. Pass-fail grading.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.



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