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Finance - FIN

In the Department of Finance, the second digit of the course number denotes the subject area of the course, as follows: 2—business law; 3—real estate; 4—risk and insurance; 6—finance (capital markets and financial institutions); 7—finance (financial management); 8—finance (investment analysis/portfolio theory); 9—general courses.

Prerequisites for any finance course may be waived in exceptional cases with consent of the instructor and approval of the department chair.

3200 Introduction to Law (3) Not open to students in the E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration. Credit will not be given for both this course and FIN 3201 and 3202. Fundamentals of the American legal system; basic principles of the law of contracts, commercial paper, agency, partnerships, corporations, torts, and crimes; case materials used to demonstrate legal analysis and reasoning.

3201 Business Law (3) Credit will not be given for both this course and FIN 3200. Development of Anglo-American common law, the American constitutional system, and the Louisiana civil law system; law of contracts, torts, and agency; business aspects of criminal law; ethical facets of the legal environment; case materials used to demonstrate problem analysis.

3202 Commercial Transactions (3) Prereq.: FIN 3201. Credit will not be given for both this course and FIN 3200 or 3203. Legal concepts underlying transfer and sale of goods and commercial paper (checks, promissory notes, certificates of deposit, etc.); use of instruments for creating credit (mortgages, pledges, liens, etc.); application of the Louisiana Commercial Code and the Uniform Commercial Code.

3203 Commercial Transactions for Accountants (3) Prereq.: FIN 3201. Credit will not be given for both this course and FIN 3202. Specifically for accounting majors. Legal concepts underlying sale of goods; commercial paper; security interests, securities regulation, accountants' malpractice, suretyship, and bankruptcy; application of the Uniform Commercial Code and preparation for the CPA examination.

3205 Mineral Rights (3) Prereq.: FIN 3355. Law of mineral rights; emphasis on Louisiana oil and gas law; leases, royalty interests, title search, unitization, and pooling; mineral law of other states and of hard materials.

3230 Sports Law (3) Business and legal sports aspects, particularly professional and collegiate level; antitrust laws; labor law and collective bargaining; contract law and player agents; professional franchise location; college athletics and the NCAA; equal opportunities and Title IX; licensing and trademark rights; tort issues.

3351 Principles of Real Estate (3) Prereq.: FIN 3201. Purchasing, owning, and operating real estate relative to interest in realty, liens, contracts, deeds, titles, leases, brokerage, management.

3352 Real Estate Valuation and Investment (3) Prereq.: FIN 3351 or equivalent. Principles of valuation applied to single-family and income-producing real property; techniques for making investment decisions in alternative types of real property; cash flow analysis considering income tax effects, financial leverage, risk-return trade-offs, and alternative methods of disposition.

3353 Real Estate Finance (3) Prereq.: FIN 3351 or equivalent. Real estate financing decisions for residential and income-producing properties; risk-return analysis for varying conditions of financial leverage; decision making related to pricing, alternative financing methods, refinancing, mortgage portfolio management; financing methods; government involvement in mortgage market and housing finance.

3354 Topics in Real Estate (3) Prereq.: FIN 3352 or 3353 or consent of instructor. Topics vary.

3355 Real Property Law (3) Prereq.: FIN 3201. Rights and obligations that attach to various types of ownership of immovable property both in Louisiana and Anglo-American jurisdictions.

3440 Risk and Insurance (3) Prereq.: FIN 3201. Nature of nonspeculative risks and possible alternative methods of treating them; specific application of these methods to personal and business risks arising from life, health, property, and liability contingencies; influence of public policy on risk treatment.

3441 Life and Health Insurance (3) Prereq.: FIN 3440. Analysis of insurance protecting against economic loss caused by termination of earning capacity through premature death, disability, or old age; derivation of premiums, reserves, benefits; legal aspects; operational features; use of contracts and provisions; disability income protection.

3442 Property and Liability Insurance (3) Prereq.: FIN 3440. Property and liability risks; insurance coverages available to meet these risks; basic insurance principles that apply in various property and liability insurance contracts; functional aspects of insurance company operations.

3460 Risk Management (3) Prereq.: FIN 3715. Risk management from the business manager's viewpoint; insurance and financial market methods of pooling and managing risk; identification and evaluation of risk; hedging, self insurance, re-contracting and organizational design.

3632 Bank Administration (3) Prereq.: FIN 3715. For students interested in commercial banking careers or in the role of banks within the American enterprise system. Economic role and evolution of banks; structure of banking; lending and investment techniques; bank organization and regulation; asset and liability management; credit risk management; bank performance analysis.

3636 Financial Markets and Institutions (3) Prereq.: ECON 2020 or 2030; and ISDS 2000; and concurrent registration in ACCT 2021 or 2101. Characteristics and functions of financial markets and institutions; process of financial intermediation and allocation of financial resources; analysis of current developments in financial institutions and in money and capital markets; factors in interest rate determination; management of credit risk, interest rate risk, and operating risk.

3715 Business Finance (3) Prereq.: ECON 2020 or 2030; and concurrent registration in ACCT 2021 or 2101. Also offered as ECON 3715. Finance function within the business enterprise; techniques of financial management, concepts of capital structure and dividend policy, working capital management, capital budgeting, institutional and international environment of the firm.

3717 Advanced Business Finance (3) Prereq.: FIN 3715. Material presented in real-world cases. Hands on applications of financial tools introduced in FIN 3715; financial analysis, forecasting, capital budgeting, and business evaluation.

3718 Multinational Managerial Finance (3) Prereq.: FIN 3715. Multinational financial management; nature of international finance system; financing, investment, and risk management of the multinational corporation.

3826 Investments (3) Prereq.: FIN 3715. Characteristics and valuation of common stocks, bonds, options, function and efficiency of U.S. securities markets; theory and practice of portfolio selection.

3900 Directed Study and Research (1-6) Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. Research under direction of faculty member; written proposal must be approved by faculty member and department chair prior to registration.

4440 Group Insurance and Pensions (3) Prereq.: FIN 3440. Life and health insurance in various areas involving mortality and morbidity contingencies; types of health risk bearers and contracts offered; employee benefit plans with emphasis on the private pension function, including contractual arrangements, benefit formulas, and approaches to financing.

4828 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (3) Prereq.: FIN 3826 or equivalent. Security selection and portfolio diversification in an efficient market; portfolio theory and management; portfolio building and selection; portfolio performance evaluations.

4830 Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements (3) Prereq.: FIN 3715 or equivalent. Evaluation of financial statements; emphasis on their use in credit analysis and in evaluation of security risks and returns; recent research in accounting and finance; predictive ability of financial statement data.

4850 Speculative Financial Markets (3) Prereq.: FIN 3826 or equivalent. Financial and money markets, financial futures markets, and options markets; valuation models for the instruments in these markets; strategies for hedging and speculation; applications for individual investors, institutional investors, corporate treasurers, and financial institutions.

7300 Seminar in Real Estate (3) Questions facing participants in the real estate market, including equity investors, lenders, tenants, and government; purchasing, owning, and operating real estate relative to interest in realty contracts; deeds, title, leases, brokerage, and management.

7310 Real Estate Financial Decisions (3) Questions concerning real estate finance and valuation; risk-return trade-offs under varying conditions of financial leverage; refinancing; selecting between alternative financing methods; mortgage design, sale-leaseback, construction lending, secondary mortgage markets, and the pricing of financing instruments.

7320 Advanced Topics in Real Estate (3) Prereq.: FIN 7300 or 7310 or consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit if topics vary.

7350 Theory of Real Estate Markets (3) Prereq.: FIN 7750. Primarily for doctoral students. Emphasis on theoretical treatment of real estate equity and mortgage markets; real estate as a security; pricing of fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages; secondary mortgage markets and the securitization of mortgages; development of derivative securities; models of housing markets.

7400 Risk Management and Insurance (3) Risk management from the business manager's viewpoint and as a possible alternative to insurance; risk identification and measurement; risk retention, self-insurance, and risk transfer; loss funding and risk financing; access to insurance markets (including bid specifications and company selection); loss prevention; claims administration; risk management audits and insurance surveys.

7520 Seminar in Financial Research Methods (3) Primarily for doctoral students. Financial economics; empirical behavior of financial markets; topics including trading rules and the efficient market hypothesis; market microstructure; event studies.

7550 Theory of Finance (3) Prereq.: ECON 7610 or equivalent. Theory of choice under certainty and uncertainty; time-state preference models of risk allocation; mean-variance asset pricing models; arbitrage pricing models; option pricing models; discrete and continuous time models.

7585 Advanced Topics in Financial Economics (3) Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 9 sem. hrs. of credit. Also offered as ECON 7585. Specific areas in finance and financial economics; emphasis on rigorous empirical methodologies and theory.

7632 Seminar in Commercial Banking (3) Commercial banking theory and history, quantitative techniques applied to bank asset and liability management, banking structure, markets and competition, capital adequacy and profitability.

7633 Financial Markets (3) Prereq.: BADM 7020 and 7080. Theoretical and empirical exposition of financial markets and institutions; their role in the economy; determination of the general level, risk structure, and the transaction structure of security returns; emphasis on U.S. financial markets.

7650 Seminar in Financial Markets and Intermediaries (3) Prereq.: FIN 7550. Primarily for doctoral students. Markets and intermediaries as alternative institutional mechanisms for structuring financial transactions; transaction services provided by these institutions; benefits and costs of these transaction services as determinants of the structure and extent of the financial sector.

7710 Financial Management for Governments (3) Also offered as PADM 7710. Role of finance in government, impacts on financial markets; role of financial management; government accounts, essential concepts of financial management; sources of government funds; allocation of funds; debt management and management of financial assets.

7718 Multinational Financial Management (3) Prereq.: BADM 7090 or equivalent. Cross border investment, investment analysis, capital planning, foreign currency exposure, and cash management; concepts of political risk assessment; techniques in transactional trade; alternative financial sources; issues in international financial controls.

7719 Advanced Financial Management (3) Prereq.: BADM 7090. Theory of business finance and evaluation of its usefulness to financial managers; capital expenditure, capital structure, and dividend decisions; legitimacy of alternative decision criteria; implications of uncertainty and imperfect capital markets on firm financial decisions.

7720 Topics in Business Finance (3) Prereq.: BADM 7090 or equivalent. Detailed treatment of topics not covered in depth in BADM 7090 or FIN 7719; prospectus usually available before registration.

7750 Seminar in Corporate Finance (3) Prereq.: FIN 7550. Primarily for doctoral students. Theory of choice under certainty and uncertainty; investment and financing decisions of the firm; the agency problem and agency costs; capital structure and dividend models related to corporate control.

7826 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory (3) Prereq.: BADM 7020 and 7030. Institutional elements of capital markets, mechanics of securities trading; analytic techniques for evaluating investment management; behavior of security prices, efficient diversification, techniques for measuring performance of securities and portfolios, security valuation, portfolio selection.

7849 Normative Portfolio Analysis Theory (3) Prereq.: FIN 7719 and FIN 7550 or equivalent. Theoretical and practical problems of normative portfolio selection techniques and analysis; positive implications of normative models; their contribution to understanding operation of capital markets and market participants.

7850 Seminar in Investments (3) Prereq.: FIN 7550. Primarily for doctoral students. Speculative price as a stochastic process; information revelation in and through speculative price; normative and positive models of investment theory; applications of contingent-claims/derivative securities pricing; theory and empiricism of fixed income securities.

7900 Individual Study in Finance (3) Masters and doctoral students may take the course for credit 3 and 6 times, respectively. For students who wish in-depth study of a selected finance problem. Proposal outlining nature and objectives of a research project must be approved by department faculty prior to registration; written report of semester's activities and findings required for credit.

7950 Seminar in Research (1) Required of all doctoral students in business administration concentrating in finance during each semester of full-time residence; only 3 sem. hrs. may be applied toward the degree. Advanced research in finance; current research of doctoral candidates, faculty, and invited guests.

8000 Thesis Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.

8900 Pre-dissertation Research (1-9) May be repeated for credit. Pass-fail grading.

9000 Dissertation Research (1-12 per sem.) "S"/"U" grading.



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