Epidemiology & Comm Health

Listing of Course Designations & Rubrics

Epidemiology and Community Health - ECH

7001 Seminar: Veterinary Medical Sciences (1) S,F May be taken for a max. of 8 hrs. of credit. Topics of current interest in various disciplines of veterinary medicine.

7002 Veterinary Medical Research Techniques (1-4) V May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. Specialized research techniques related to a specific discipline of veterinary medicine.

7003 Special Topics in Veterinary Medicine (1-4) V Prereq.: consent of instructor. May be taken for a max. of 8 hrs. of credit. Topics of current interest in veterinary medicine.

7301, 7302 Principles and Methods of Epidemiology and Disease Control I, II (4,4) 7301 offered F; 7302 offered S Prereq.: consent of instructor. 3 hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab. Ecological and epidemiological concepts used in studying diseases in populations; epidemiological methods, with laboratory exercises emphasizing problem solving; epidemiological principles applied to disease control; planning, administration, and evaluation of disease-control programs.

7303 Applied Veterinary Preventive Medicine (2-5) V Prereq.: ECH 7301, 7302, and consent of instructor. Principles of epidemiology and disease control applied to planning, administration, and evaluation of veterinary preventive medicine practice.

7304 Clinical Epidemiology in Companion Animal Practice (2-5) V Prereq.: consent of instructor. Epidemiological principles and disease control methods applied to companion animal practice; problem-oriented case studies on relation of patient and client to community.

7306 Veterinary Medicine and Community Health (2-5) V Prereq.: consent of instructor. Legal basis for veterinary preventive medical practice; economic, aesthetic, cultural, and human health factors associated with maintenance of animals; use of community resources to improve animal health.

7307 Project Management (2) V Prereq.: EXST 7005 or equivalent. 1 hr. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Definition of aims and objectives in field research and investigations, financial and personnel management, communication of intentions and results, internal project control, liaison with other agencies, community acceptance, operational research, and organizational methodologies.

7308 Veterinary Economics (2) V Prereq.: AGEC 4015 or 4088 or equivalent. 2 hrs. lecture; 1 hr. lab. Economic analysis of farm and national livestock disease problems, analysis of existing and past programs, and forecasting of projected animal health schemes.

7309 Control and Prevention of Poultry Diseases in Tropical Countries (3-5) V Prereq.: consent of instructor. Environmental control, applied nutrition, and management in the occurrence of disease in commercial poultry under tropical conditions; review of significant conditions with specific reference to the epidemiology, diagnosis, and prevention of poultry diseases.

7310 Zoonotic Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (3) V Prereq.: BIOL 4122 and BIOL 4105 or equivalent. Also offered as VMP 7421. Epidemiology, ecology, and control of major infectious and parasitic zoonoses.

7311 Population Dynamics and Ecology of Parasitic and Vector-Borne Diseases (3) S-O Prereq.: course in parasitology or equivalent. See VMP 7419.

7312 Epidemiological Study Design (2) S-E Prereq.: ECH 7301. Principles of design, planning, and analysis of case-control and cohort epidemiological studies; design selection; sources of bias and pitfalls associated with each study design.

7399 Toxicology Seminar (1) See VPT 7699.



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