Aerospace Studies

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Aerospace Studies - ASST

1001, 1002 The Air Force Today (1,1) F,S Coreq.: ASST 1011, 1012. Fundamentals of leadership, effective communication, organizational elements, and weapons systems of today's Air Force.

1011, 1012 Leadership Laboratory I (1,1) F,S Coreq.: ASST 1001, 1002. 2 hrs. lab. Pass-fail grading. Applied leadership in drill and ceremony, physical fitness, and military protocol.

2001, 2002 Development of Air Power (1,1) F,S Coreq.: ASST 2011, 2012. Historical changes in the nature of warfare as a result of air power; effective communication skills in the Air Force.

2011, 2012 Leadership Laboratory II (1,1) F,S Coreq.: ASST 2001, 2002. 2 hrs. lab. Pass-fail grading. Intermediate leadership training through drill and ceremony, physical fitness, team building, and professional development.

3001, 3002 Air Force Management and Leadership (3,3) F,S 3 hrs. lecture; 1 hr. leadership lab. Skills required by the successful leader; individual motivational and behavioral processes; leadership, communication, and group dynamics; use of analytical aids in planning and organizing; total quality management; ethics, management of change, organizational power, politics, and managerial strategy.

3003, 3004 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society (3,3) F,S 3 hrs. lecture; 1 hr. leadership lab. Organization and implementation of national security; evolution of strategy; management of conflict; and civil-military interaction; military profession/officership and the military justice system.

Leadership Lab (0) F,S One hour per week throughout student's involvement in AFROTC. Experiences designed to develop leadership potential; study of Air Force customs and courtesies; drill and ceremonies; career opportunities; and the life and work of an Air Force junior officer.




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