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Agricultural Economics - AGEC

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1003 Introduction to Agricultural Business (3) F Nature and scope of agribusiness; application of management and marketing concepts to selected agribusiness problems; exploring agribusiness management as a profession.

2003 Introduction to Agricultural Economics (3) S Role of agriculture in the general economy; economic principles applied to agricultural production, marketing, consumption, and policy problems.

3003 Economic Analysis in Agricultural Business (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent; MATH 1431. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Applications of graphical, mathematical, and computer-based microeconomic analysis to problems in the production and marketing of food and agricultural products.

3203 Introduction to Food and Fiber Products Marketing (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Theoretical concepts and empirical demand models relevant to food and fiber product markets; application of consumption theory to food and fiber product marketing; systems approach to analysis of food and fiber product markets; emphasis on structure-conduct-performance, consumer choice, market integration, bargaining, and government intervention.

3213 Agribusiness Marketing (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. The food and fiber marketing system and the marketing environment in which agribusiness firms operate; marketing, managerial, and economic principles applied to the formulation and implementation of strategic marketing plans.

3303 Farm Management (3) F-O Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Fundamental economic and business principles applied to a farm business; comprehensive and integrated treatment of management concepts for successful operation of a farm business.

3413 Agricultural Business Management Decisions (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 1003. Identification of typical decisions of agricultural business firms; development of concepts, procedures, and analyses that facilitate planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling functions within agricultural business firms.

3503 Natural Resource Economics (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Economic rationale for collective, public action in allocation of natural resources in agriculture; emphasis on economic efficiency, property rights, resource use, legal concepts, institutions, and project evaluation.

3603 International Trade and Development in Agriculture (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Structure, trade, and practices in exporting and importing regions and nations; policies of major agricultural trading nations and institutions; aid, development relationships, and current development trade policy.

3700 Internship (1-3) Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent and approval of department head. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit. Supervised career-oriented experience with a business or organization in the food and fiber system.

3803 Agricultural Law (3) F Principles of law and their application to agricultural business firms and institutions; legal processes and relationships relevant to agriculture; Louisiana Civil Code and statutes; federal law, including bankruptcy code; analysis and review of cases, documents, and processes.

4103 Programming Procedures in Agriculture (3) F-E Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent and AGEC 3104. Application of linear, integer, quadratic, and dynamic programming procedures to economic problems in agricultural production, marketing, and resource use.

4203 Intermediate Food and Fiber Products Marketing (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 3203 or equivalent. Industrial organization analysis applied to the food and fiber system; emphasis on structural problems and their control by competition, antitrust, and government.

4213 Economics of Milk Marketing Systems (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Analysis of the milk production and marketing system; market channels, characteristics, institutions, and government regulations in pricing and marketing milk.

4273 Agricultural Price Analysis (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent and EXST 2201. Economic processes of price discovery and price determination in agricultural input and output markets; emphasis on methods of price analysis and their application to decision processes; analysis of cyclical, trend, and seasonal movements in prices.

4403 Agricultural Finance (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Capital acquisition and use in the agricultural sector; cost and availability of credit; emphasis on financial management concepts for managing growth, leverage, liquidity, risk, and capital investment in agricultural business.

4413 Agricultural Commodity Exchanges and Futures Trading (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Functions, institutions, economic performance, and procedures involved in utilizing futures trading to minimize marketing risks in producing, processing, storing, buying, selling, and financing agricultural commodities.

4433 Agricultural Business Planning, Management, and Policy (3) S Prereq.: senior standing. Integration of management, marketing, and financial concepts for successful planning and implementation of agricultural business decisions; feasibility analysis, marketing policy, personnel policy, marketing mix, pricing decisions, market segmentation, marketing strategy, and financial policy.

4443 Farm and Rural Land Appraisal (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Not for graduate AGEC degree credit. Theory, methods, and procedures of real estate appraisal applied to rural property; trends in rural real estate values; factors influencing rural real estate values; approaches used in rural real estate valuation.

4503 Rural Resource and Community Development (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Characteristics of developed and undeveloped rural areas; analysis of economic and related problems and potential for development; public policy issues concerning rural development.

4603 Agricultural Policy (3) F Prereq.: AGEC 2003 or equivalent. Role of agriculture in the national economy; how agricultural policy decisions affect the general public; emphasis on economic impacts of policies on producers and consumers of agricultural products; effects of other nations' policies on American agriculture.

4700 Problems in Agricultural Economics (1-3) Prereq.: approval of department head. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary. Independent study under the direction of a faculty member or faculty committee.

7103 Advanced Statistical Methods in Agriculture (3) S Prereq.: AGEC 7803 or concurrent registration. Application of advanced statistical tools to problems in agricultural economics; emphasis on the general linear model, including diagnostics, applications, and interpretation.

7113 Agribusiness Research Applications (3) F Introduction to and overview of agribusiness research strategies; design of agribusiness research projects; preparation for data collection; collection of evidence; analysis of evidence; composition of research reports; applications to agribusiness market analysis, agribusiness planning and management, and agribusiness forecasting.

7123 Operations Research Methods in Agricultural Economics (3) F Application of operations research methods to economic problems in agricultural production, marketing, and resource use; linear and nonlinear programming; integer programming; network analysis; dynamic programming; queuing; simulation.

7203 Advanced Agricultural Marketing Theory (3) F-O Prereq.: ECON 7700 or concurrent enrollment. Basic and applied analytical procedures in marketing research emphasizing quantitative methods; firm theory applied to marketing.

7303 Agricultural Production Economics (3) S-O Prereq.: ECON 7700 or concurrent enrollment. Production principles applied to use of agricultural resources; analysis and interpretation of research data; theory of the farm firm, including costs, uncertainty, and expectations.

7503 Natural Resource Economics (3) F-E Prereq.: ECON 7700 or concurrent enrollment. Economic concepts and institutional factors relating to utilization of natural resources; emphasis on conservation, property rights, resource policy, resource valuations.

7603 Advanced Agricultural Policy (3) S-O Prereq.: ECON 7700 or concurrent enrollment. Development of agricultural policy; emphasis on objectives, procedures, accomplishments, and consequences of policy on agriculture and rural areas.

7613 International Agricultural Trade (3) S-O Prereq.: ECON 7700 or concurrent enrollment. International economic trade theory; special reference to trade in agricultural products.

7623 Rural Development Economics (3) F-O Prereq.: ECON 7610. Theoretical concepts in international and domestic rural development; empirical methods used in analysis of economic structure and growth; modeling public policy issues concerning international and domestic rural development.

7700 Internship in Agribusiness Administration (3) F,S,Su Prereq.: prior approval of student's graduate committee. Open only to agricultural economics master's students. May be taken for a max. of 3 hrs. credit. 300 hrs. of learning experience. General supervision by a faculty member; direct supervision by an agribusiness professional. Pass/fail grading based on a written evaluation by the professional supervisor, a written report by the student, and the faculty member's evaluation.

7703 Independent Study (1-3) F,S,Su Prereq.: graduate committee approval prior to enrollment. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. when topics vary.



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