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CAS provides various online tutoring options including CAS Online Peer Tutoring, CAS Online Shell Study Groups, NetTutor, State of Louisiana Homework Help, and other resources provided by LSU CxC.

Preparing for your tutoring sessions:

  • Select an environment that is quiet and productive
  • Do as much work as you can before engaging an online tutor.
  • Determine specific questions you would like to discuss with the tutor.



Tutoring Options

CAS Online Peer Tutoring

Assistance with homework concepts, test preparation and study strategies offered at Shell Tutorial Center is available online. The same trained peer tutors that you worked with on campus will provide one-on-one appointment based sessions hosted on Zoom.  Sessions will last 20-30 minutes, depending on the subject requested.




To schedule a tutoring session:

  • Access CAS Online Tutoring through Appointment Plus
  • Select “Course” on the “Appointments” page
  • Select an available Date for your session on the calendar
  • Select a “white block” to make your appointment
  • Follow the remaining prompts until your appointment is finalized
  • Check for two emails
    - Email that confirms the appointment
    - Email with the link to access your online session

To access your tutoring session:

  • Locate the email with the link to access your session
  • Find the Zoom link for your scheduled session
  • Click on the link at the scheduled time of your appointment

Guidelines for beginning and ending a tutoring session:

  • If you are early to your session you will placed in the virtual waiting room until your scheduled start time.
  • The tutor will admit you to the tutoring session at your scheduled date/time.
  • The tutor will end the session at your scheduled end time.
  • If the tutor is available after your session ends, you may schedule another appointment at that time to immediately begin another session.
  • If the tutor has a session with another student when your session ends and you have more questions, you may
    - immediately schedule an appointment with an different tutor that is available
    - schedule another appointment with the same tutor when they are available 

In order to provide tutoring to as many students as possible, the following scheduling guidelines have been established:

  • Back-to-back sessions for the same course may not be scheduled
  • Multiple sessions may not be scheduled at once. You may have one appointment scheduled at any time, and that session must be completed before scheduling another session.
  • Back-to-back or multiple sessions will be canceled by the site administrator

CAS Online Shell Study Groups

Meet online together with other students and a tutor who excelled in the course. Review class concepts, work problems, ask questions, and get support.

View the Study Group schedule below for information about study groups and links to join via Zoom.

See our Study Group schedule at the bottom of this page.

NetTutor Online Tutoring

CAS offers free online tutoring through NetTutor. Login through myLSU is required. You may also find the link under Student Services on myLSU. Students begin with 900 free minutes. If additional minutes are needed, please email

The service provides online tutoring in many subjects. Tutor availability varies, so please refer to the NetTutor website for schedules. Additional minutes can be accessed by emailing

Subjects offered are:

  • Reading
  • Math: basic math through calculus II
  • Business: statistics, finance, economics, accounting
  • Science: general biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, physics, chemistry
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Computers & Technology

Note: The CAS provides this free service through NetTutor, but does not employ NetTutor's tutors.

State of Louisiana Homework Help

This service is provided by the State Library of Louisiana. You can access it anywhere in Louisiana or by using your Louisiana public library card. 

LSU CxC Resources

Writing Coaching/Mentoring - To refine your skills as a writer, connect with a writing coach.

C-I/CxC Course Projects Support


Shell Study Group Schedule



Main Office
B-31 Coates
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Shell Tutorial Center
141B LSU Library
M-Th: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
F: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Sunday: 1 - 5 p.m.


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