Career Plan for Graduate Students 

    Create a pathway for success.

    Explore yourself.

    Explore your options.

    • Research your options using Occupational Outlook Handbook and O*NET OnLine.
    • Review “What Can I Do with This Degree?”
    • Network with professionals currently in the field.
    • Login to your Handshake account and explore available opportunities.
    • Check out job posting boards to see what the market holds for those in your field.
    • Attend Career Expo and other campus recruiting events.
    • Discuss your career interest with faculty to learn about careers achieved by alumni of your program.
    • Join professional organizations for your discipline and field of interest.
    • Contact organizations of interest and request an informational interview.

    Confirm through experience.

    • Assess the gap between current skills and those needed in your target occupation.
    • Take on a teaching assistantship or graduate assistant position related to your field.
    • Connect with faculty to learn about available research opportunities.
    • Make conference presentations in your field both on and off campus to establish your reputation.
    • Shadow a professional in your field of interest during breaks.
    • Seek out and secure an internship, summer job or other work experience related to your goal.
    • Use your internship to connect with professionals in the field to expand options and professional network.
    • While in your internship, volunteer for projects that will help you develop needed hands-on skills.
    • Volunteer to round out your skills.
    • Take on a leadership role in a student or community organization.

    Polish your professional presentation.