FAQs | Choosing a Major/Career

Can a test or career counselor tell me what major/career to pursue?

Neither can answer this question for you. Making a decision of this magnitude takes time and is best viewed as an ongoing process. However, both career coaches and assessments can prove immensely helpful in going through the process of selecting a major or making a career decision.


Can a career counselor help me select classes?

No, only an academic counselor can help you select classes. Please contact your academic college for assistance with course selection.


When is the ideal time to take advantage of these services?

Because we offer comprehensive career planning assistance, it is best to begin using our services as a freshman. By starting as early as possible, you will have ample time to develop a complete career plan and take advantage of the full range of services available.

Visit our office in the LSU Student Union so we can direct you to services to best meet your current needs. Whether you need help in making a career choice, identifying career-related work opportunities, creating a résumé, sharpening your interviewing skills, or finding full-time employment possibilities, the LSU Olinde Career Center is here to assist you.


I've never met with a career counselor before. What should I expect?

Initially, the career coach will ask questions about your interests, skills, educational, and career goals, hobbies, etc. Information you provide will help the career coach identify your current major/career goals and needs.

Your career coach will then guide you through the career decision-making process by recommending specific and personalized steps to take. Steps may include completing a career assessment, researching various occupations, talking to a professor or professional in an area of interest to you, meeting with an academic counselor, etc.

After completing these actions, you will want to meet again with the career coach to discuss your progress. On average, it is recommended that you meet with a career coach two to three times when you are trying to select a major or career field.


I've chosen a major & career path, but am afraid of following through. What should I do?

People sharing this concern often lack sufficient information about themselves and/or the world of work. While there are no guarantees that you will like your first or future jobs, the more time and energy you invest now in gathering information about yourself and various occupations, the more likely it is that you will be satisfied with the occupation that you select for yourself.