Onboarding Student Employees

Congratulations on hiring a new student employee(s)! Consider taking the steps below for smoothly onboarding new team members.

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Recommended Checklist for Supervisors:

Email Preparing New Student Employees

Office Policies

  • Policies are an essential way to set work expectations.
  • You should share your policies with students upon offer to hire, during trainings and at performance evaluations.
  • Download this sample office policy document.

Employee Intake Form

  • You may determine that there are specific questions you need answered by new employees prior to their first day of work, or in their first week. For example, shirt size for uniforms, class schedule, phone number, etc.  Sending new hires an employee intake form to return to you can help you gather this information.
  • Example employee intake form coming soon! Email us at stuemployment@lsu.edu if you'd like to request this now.

Standard Training Plan

  • Think about the needs of your office. Should student employees be trained as a group or during one-on-one trainings?
  • At the bare minimum, you should be planning to provide student employees with a tour during their first days in the office, introduce them to staff, review office policies, and have them complete any needed mandatory university training. 

List of Mandatory Trainings and a Plan to Track Completion

  • You will need to ensure student employees have completed mandatory trainings required of all state employees.

Time-tracking Process

  • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring students adhere to scheduled hours and are logging their time for payment.
  • Communicate to employees the steps they need to take each day/week to log hours.
    • If you become concerned that a student may be committing payroll fraud, report suspicions of payroll fraud or deceit to LSU System Internal Audit immediately.
    • You should await Internal Audit’s guidance before proceeding with any handling of the situation.

Regular Performance Evaluations

Appreciation Plan During Student Employee Appreciation Week

  • It is a best practice to show appreciation and give feedback to student employees as they complete tasks. This ensures personal and professional development for the student and improved contributions to your workplace.
  • Student Employee Appreciation Week, typically held the third week of April, is an annual opportunity to show your appreciation above and beyond your typical feedback cycle.  
  • During Student Employee Appreciation Week you should think of creative ways to show appreciation. You might have your team write thank you notes to student employees, prepare a snack bag or treat as a thank you, recognize student employees on social media, provide a catered lunch for student employees, etc.