Hiring Department Resources for Student Employment

Congratulations! You're just a few steps away from finding your next great student employee.

The checklist and resources below will guide you through each step of the process for hiring a new student employee. 

student workers at front desk

Student Employment Hiring Training for Student Employment Partners (SEPs) and Supervisors

Do you prefer a hands-on learning experience? Attend a computer-based training session below for practice posting a sample job, reviewing applicants, onboarding student employees, and more. 

  • More training dates to be determined. If you are interested in a training, please let us know by emailing stuemployment@lsu.edu. 

Student Employment Hiring Checklist

1.Plan for your position.

  • You will want to consider the number of employees you want to hire, the number of hours per week they may work, and what funding source(s) you will use, and the hourly pay rate. 
  • View PS33 Student Employment for details on the maximum number of hours a student can work, pay rates, and other important Student Employment policies.

2. Develop a job description with input from individuals who will be supervising or working with the employee.

  • Download our sample job description here.
  • The best job descriptions include:
    • A specific but concise job title that gives context to the type of work the student will do.
    • An objective sentence that gives a concise overview of the position and how it fits in with the broader goals of the office.
    • Job duties, preferably in bullet-point format, describing tasks with a fair amount of specificity and detail so the student knows what to expect.
    • Increase the diversity of your applicant pool and inclusiveness of your hiring process by including a note that you are willing to provide training. Many students have great potential and the availability of training can encourage them to take the next step to apply. For example, “Prior experience not required and training will be provided.”
    • A brief description of benefits. For student employment, benefits include the types of skills the student will have the opportunity to develop through their work.
  • Work-Study and President's Aid Funded Positions:
    • Departments that do not have available funding for student employees may choose to only consider students with Federal Work-Study or President's Aid award packages. If your position relies on aid funding, this should be clearly stated in the first sentence of the job description; "This position is open to students who have accepted Federal Work-Study or President's Aid."
    • To check if a student is eligible for Federal Work-Study or President's Aid, email Laurie Herrin at stuemployment@lsu.edu

3.  Post the job in Handshake. 

4.  Review applicants and/or source candidates

  • View this help article on how to review candidates in Handshake
  • In addition to receiving applications from student submissions, employers are welcome to be proactive in the recruiting process by sourcing additional applicants through Handshake. Over 53% of students are active in Handshake, and over 93% of those students have Public Profiles. Public Profiles allow employers to filter for students by major, classification, interests, skills, and more. Then, you can email the student directly, encouraging them to apply for your posting.

5. Select Applicants 

There are several applicant selection processes you can consider using:

  • Invite your top candidates to an in-person or phone interview
  • Email your top candidates a set of questions, or interest form to help determine the best candidate
  • If you are pleased with an applicant's submitted material you may choose to bypass a selection process all together by offering the candidate the job immediately via email

6. Onboard New Hires

7. Subscribe to the Monthly Employing Department Newsletter to stay up to date with timely reminders and best practices.

To add a colleagues to this listserv, email LISTSERV@LISTSERV.LSU.EDU with the following command: SUBSCRIBE lsu_studentemployment first last name.

If you have any questions at all throughout the hiring process, please contact the LSU Olinde Career Center at stuemployment@lsu.edu.