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Student Activities Board at LSU enhances the overall campus experience by cultivating leadership skills in its members and creating lasting memories with educational and entertaining programs that appeal to diverse audiences.

Student Activities Board is a student-run organization that plans the biggest events at LSU. The members of SAB are responsible for running Late Night LSU, the Back to School Concert, Silent Disco and many more.

SAB is split into five committees, each with their own programming concentration. Each committee event reflects that area’s concentration and personality to keep programming within SAB fresh and diverse. Check out our list of committees to see which one is right for you.  


Late Night LSU provides entertaining, on-campus late night programs in a safe and healthy environment while promoting diverse social interactions among students. The Late Night Committee’s largest program is Late Night LSU, which is held just prior to the fall semester

The Music Committee was created to broaden the campus musical experience. The committee exposes students to a wide range of musical performances and programs which may include indie artists, local artists, and student performers.

Pop Fusion explores different aspects of popular culture. Whether it’s hosting nationally-recognized touring groups, screening the next blockbuster flick, hosting cutting edge programs, or supplying much needed comic relief, this committee introduces an abundance of diverse programs to LSU and the surrounding community. Pop Fusion will keep you on the cutting edge of what’s hot!

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