2019 Student Leaders Gather for Campus Life Retreat

Students gain essential leadership skills as they prepare to manage LSU's premier student events, service projects, and involvement programs. 

January 22, 2019

Student leader groupCampus Life student leaders. 

BATON ROUGE – On January 6, 7 and 8, Student Leaders of LSU Campus Life came together as a group with their peers and advisors to train and prepare for their year-long appointments as leaders of the various Campus Life Student Organizations. These students represent the future leadership chairs and committees of the seven organizations housed within Campus Life, including Geaux BIG Baton Rouge, Homecoming Committee, Involvement Krewe, Kitchens on the Geaux, Service Breaks, Student Activities Board and Volunteer LSU.

Students began their experience by participating in the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Welcoming Diversity workshop, a leadership development program designed to reduce or eliminate bias, discrimination, controversy, and interpersonal conflict on campus. Student Leaders then participated in various leadership, communication, team-building and ice breaker activities. Afterward, they were encouraged to communicate their expectations and guidance needs to their peers and advisors as they began their term.

After completing the training, incoming VLSU Student Director Shelby Waddell reflected that “the Campus Life training taught me skills that I need to be an effective leader and to make impactful changes on LSU’s campus. I learned how to combat typical issues teams face, celebrate diversity among my peers, create inclusive environments and navigate through the difficulties of being a student leader. I will apply these newfound skills to my role as Student Director of Volunteer LSU to implement service projects that benefit the Baton Rouge community.”

Having completed their training, the incoming Student Leaders are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to make a difference on and off the LSU Campus by planning events and programs and creating initiatives that enhance the student experience at LSU.

If you or someone you know may be interested in joining a Campus Life organization, please visit lsu.edu/campuslife/lead.

LSU Campus Life supports and advises seven student organizations that uphold the three tenets of Involvement, Leadership and Service.  Those organizations include Geaux BIG Baton Rouge, Homecoming Committee, Involvement Krewe, Kitchens on the Geaux, Service Breaks, Student Activities Board, and Volunteer LSU. LSU Campus Life also works closely with more than 400 student organizations and countless student organization leaders and organization advisors daily to make LSU an increasingly vibrant campus community. For more information visit www.lsu.edu/campuslife. 

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