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Geaux BIG Baton Rouge is a large, one-day service experience that unites LSU students and the surrounding Baton Rouge community. Ultimately, the goal of our organization is to encourage our entire student body to serve our neighboring residents, regardless of their socioeconomic status, as well as the local organizations that work tirelessly to improve the city that we call home. Our volunteer efforts focus on real needs by working on projects identified by Baton Rouge residents and organizations within the following areas: Old South Baton Rouge, Mid-City, and North Baton Rouge.

Geaux BIG Baton Rouge held its debut event on April 20, 2013, serving 29 job sites via the service of 850 LSU students. By 2016, LSU had 1,360 volunteers serving at 75 sites. Based on the estimated value of volunteer time, Geaux BIG Baton Rouge 2016 provided an estimated value of $119,062.84 to the city of Baton Rouge. 


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