Geaux Big Committees 

Community Outreach

Responsible for recruiting job site requests or projects from community members and coordinates job request site visits. This committee will work closely with the Marketing Committee to create advertisements and awareness about job request forms to community members. In addition, this committee will be responsible for coordinating a site visit prior to the project for prospective job sites and serving as the main point of contact for individuals who submit job requests. This committee is also responsible for the recruitment and training of regional coordinators.


In charge of raising funds for the big day, which we use to buy tools, supplies, and everything we need to make the day successful. This involves coordinating and participating in concession stands, contacting local restaurants for percentage nights, and applying for grants. This committee is also involved with sponsorships packages with the assistance of Campus Life staff.


Activities include, but are not limited to coordinating a check-in process for volunteers, reserving sites on campus to host volunteers, arranging volunteer parking, creating a welcome ceremony, coordinating transportation of volunteers to and from project sites, and collaborating with the Operations Committee to coordinate tool inventory and distribution.


Marketing coordinates with Campus Life Marketing & Communications to create materials for recruiting volunteers, recruiting job requests from community members, recruiting student leadership, and generating awareness about Geaux BIG. 


Responsible for the execution of the project through managing and planning tool and supply acquisition, inventory, and the tool distribution process on the day of the project. Additionally, the Operations committee will collaborate with the Director(s) of Logistics. This committee is also responsible for maintenance/upkeep of the tool housing unit.

Volunteer Recruitment

Responsible for recruiting LSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni to volunteer for Geaux BIG Baton Rouge. This committee will work closely with the Marketing Committee in creating means to recruit volunteers for Geaux BIG Baton Rouge and working campus events to help recruit volunteers. The committee will be the direct contact for volunteers. 


Interested in joining a committee? Email us at or find us on Tigerlink.