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March 2019

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LSU Tiny Tigers - LSU's Official Pregnancy and Parenting Program
Louisiana State University is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for pregnant and parenting students, staff and faculty members. The university recently assembled a committee to assess the needs of members of our community who are parents and is excited to introduce its new initiative, “LSU Tiny Tigers.” Learn more about LSU Tiny Tigers here.

We Are Innovative...

An integral component of the LSU Strategic Plan 2025 focuses on six key values that the university inculcates in its faculty, staff and students. They are creative, culturally adept, innovative, transformative, globally engaged and collaborative. The strategic plan "LSU: I Am" series features faculty, staff and students who epitomize the values established in the strategic plan at LSU. Throughout the series, students, faculty and staff members will demonstrate how their work is connecting the university to the citizens of our city, state and world. Please see below for our eighth feature in this series titled “LSU: I Am...Innovative."

Using Resources for Success - Luke Simon: I am...Innovative.

Thirty-three-year-old agriculture student and military veteran Luke Simon is striving to make Freedom Fresh Farms a local staple in south Louisiana. Watch Luke Simon's innovation in action in this video.  

Never Settle for the Status Quo - Crystal Datz: I am...Innovative.

Crystal Datz's pride and innovation in her work at Facility Services comes from her passion for LSU and its campus – a place she intends on keeping in top shape for the next generation. Learn more in this Q&A with Crystal.

Programs, Policies & Planning

Policy Updates
PM 77: University Procurement and Contracting has been updated to ensure LSU’s comprehensive procurement policy pertaining to the acquisition of goods and services reflects up-to-date provisions of the Higher Education Procurement Code.

PM 39: Use and Acceptance of Electronic Signatures has been approved as a new policy establishing a uniform mechanism for electronic signatures for conducting university business.

PM 40, which provided for certain contracting and reporting requirements; and PM 44, which pertained to signature authority on contracts, have both been rescinded. The content of these permanent memoranda had become outdated and unnecessary with the recent revision of PM 77 and the approval of the new PM 39.

Master of Science in Child and Family Studies Program
The Division of Child and Family Studies within the School of Social Work has been authorized by the Board of Regents to offer the Master of Science in Child and Family Studies. The MS in CFS offers a thesis and non-thesis option, totaling 36 credit hours. This program is focused on the science of child and family development and prepares participants for work in social work, counseling, education, public health, and more. The program will be offered Fall 2019. For more information, contact Dr. Pamela Monroe, pmonroe@lsu.edu.

Faculty Technology Center Training Catalog
The Faculty Technology Center has released its spring training catalog. Trainings include Creating Accessible Documents, Moodle 3 – Basics and Beyond, Creating and Administering Online Surveys Using Qualtrics, and Turning Point Student Response System. Find more information in the Faculty Technology Center Training Catalog. 

Web Accessibility Tips & Tricks

Avoid Color Coding
Color alone is not a sole means of conveying important information. A web page with information or data represented solely with color is ineffective to users who are blind, have low vision, have macular degeneration, or who view material on a mobile device. Supplement color with boldface/italics, color plus size differentials, or color plus highlight to communicate this information.

Ensure a Strong Color Contrast
Make sure that the color contrast between the foreground and background of a web page or digital document is strong. This can be achieved by conforming to the required contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for regular text and 3:1 for large text. This easy-to-use and free WebAIM tool can help identify whether or not you meet required contrast ratios.