oven 206

M206 Mechanical Convention Oven

The M206 oven is dedicated to CAMD staff use only.

photo: oven 326

M326 Mechanical Convention Oven

Located next to the spinners, the M326 oven is availabe to External Users.


VT5042EKP500 Vacuum Oven

photo: oven vacuum

The vacuum oven is controlled by a Eurotherm 2604 PID controller. The controller is optionally PC interfaced for recipe storage and remote control. The two independent shelves with ramp control make it valuable for SU-8 processing. Additionally, nitrogen is optional for a non-oxidizing environment during baking.

  • Temperture control is ± 0.5 degrees C

CP Horizontal Airflow Oven

photo: oven cp

This oven has a Watlow 982 controller for temperature control during ramp and dwell periods. This machine is dedicated to CAMD staff use only.