Temescal BJD-1800 E-Beam Deposition Systemphoto: ebeam


The Temescal Model BJD-1800 E-Beam Evaporator is designed for thin metal film deposition for research and development applications. The main components of the system include a stainless steel high vacuum chamber with substrate holder designed to hold four 100mm diameter substrates, a pumping system consisting of a mechanical pump, a diffusion pump and automated interlocks, and the electron beam supersource which has capability of housing 6 different targets. The process control for BJD-1800 system is fully automated to run pre-programmed steps.


  • Maximum output power of 10kW and a emission voltage of 4-10kV
  • E-beam deflection of 270 degrees
  • Permanent magnet
  • Lateral and longitudinal beam sweep control
  • Vacuum capabilities of 10e-7 torr
  • Evaporation rate of 25,000 Angstroms/minute of aluminum at a 10" source to substrate distance


The e-beam evaporator is used at CAMD for the deposition of electroplating base layers on a variety of substrates.   These substrates include Silicon wafers, Plexiglas (PMMA) wafers for transfer mask applications, and Kapton for prototype x-ray mask fabrication.  The standard plating base utilized for these applications is typically 50-100 Angstroms of chrome as an adhesion promoter for 200-300 Angstroms of gold.  Other applications include the fabrication of such devices as thermal sensors and calorimeters which have been used at CAMD to perform power measurements of the synchrotron exposure radiation at the lithography beamlines, as well as at the UV exposure station located inside the cleanroom.