Oxford Plasmalab System 400 Sputtering System

photo: ecr

photo: ecr

For questions concerning this machines capabilities, please contact Shaloma Malveaux, at 578-9343.

The Oxford System 400 produces uniform metallic films for use in the LIGA process at CAMD. This tool is equipped with two DC and one RF magnetron sputter targets for deposition of Cu, Ni, and Ti respectively. A load lock and rotating table allow deposition of up to four wafers during a single run. Multiple layers can also be sputtered using any combination of the three metal targets available. Thin films produced using this system can be controlled from 20 nm to a few microns within 5% height uniformity across a four inch Si wafer. The system is also capable of sputtering onto six inch wafers.


  • Two DC Magnetrons for sputtering of Cu and Ni
  • One RF Magnetron for depositing Ti
  • Main Chamber turbo pumped to 2.3* 10-5 mtorr
  • Turbo pumped load lock
  • Fully automatic
  • Rotating substrate table capable of handling four six inch wafers at a time


  • Multilayer film formation
  • 5% maximum deviation in film uniformity
  • Film thickness ranging from a few nanometers to microns


  • Thick Cu films
  • Tri-layer plating base