SAXS User Information 

New Users 

First, please fill out the Project Proposal Form and submit to Craig Stevens. Next a beamtime request form should be completed and submitted to Amitava Roy along with any questions or requests for special accommodations.

Before your first visit to CAMD, everyone must take and pass the CAMD Radiation Safety Test which may be taken online prior to your visit.  At the top of the test form, request access for the Entrance Door and the Experiment Hall. Also request after hours access, with the justification that you will be performing experiments at the beamline after hours.  List Dr. Amitava Roy as your CAMD contact.

When you arrive at the beamline you will need $10 as a deposit for your access card.  The access card may be kept as long as you anticipate doing work at CAMD.

All Users

Before arriving to collect data, each group must send a list of substances that will be brought to the beamline.  This list should include macromolecules, heavy atoms, cryo-protectant, and any other chemicals that will be brought to the site.  The source (organism, cloned/not-cloned) must be given for any macromolecules.  All substances brought to the beamline should return with you when you beam time is over, and a statement to this effect should be included with the list of substances.  The list of substances and a list of all people who will be coming to the beamline must be sent to CAMD's safety officer, Charlie Wilson, at least a week in advance of your visit. Note: All materials must be pre-approved. You will be given an approval form to display at the beamline during the experiment. The approval is good for one year.

If desired, samples may be shipped in an appropriate container to CAMD in advance of you visit. 

Ship them to:

SAXS Beamline c/o Amitava Roy
6980 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Tel: 225.578.8887

The beamline staff should be informed of any samples being shipped to CAMD along with a tracking number.  The simplest way to do this is to e-mail the information to Amitava Roy. Be aware that CAMD does not receive shipments on weekends.