The Louisiana Academic Residency for Teachers

A stable, high-quality teaching staff is essential for growth in student learning. Many schools, however, find it impossible to recruit and retain high quality STEM teachers. This is especially so in rural and inner city schools.

In 2009, the Cain Center—in collaboration with the Rapides Foundation, the LSU School of Education, and nine Central Louisiana school districts—created the Louisiana Academic Residency for Teachers. This model residency program recruits and trains college graduates from the local community to become middle and/or high school STEM teachers. The 15-months program provides:

  • Specialized Content Training through a professional graduate certification or master’s program in LSU’s College of Science; see LaMSTI, LSU College Readiness and DE Program.
  • Pedagogy Training, leading to secondary certification through a well supervised, one-year residency at a designated school.

Between 2010 and 2015, the residency program created 51 new middle and high school STEM teachers for Central Louisiana.  After seven years, the retention rate is over 80%!  The program is accessible anywhere in the state. We will customize the residency portion of the program to fit your needs and location.  

There are several financial models available. In the most widely used option, school systems support residents through graduate assistantships plus tuition payments, and the residents discharge their teaching duties in district classrooms. This model increases the quality of instruction at zero marginal cost to districts, making it equally accessible to both high- and low-income districts.

The Louisiana Academic Residency for Teachers is tested, customizable, and scalable.  For many schools it can be the best way to secure and retain a high quality STEM faculty for years to come! 


Dr. Frank Neubrander
225-772-7252 (cell)