Grant Information

Policies & Guidelines

Carefully read the current grant program policies for the QSM Grant Program before you submit your proposal. Please contact if you have any questions.


  • Sunday, September 10, 2023:
    Last day of 2023–2024 QSM Grant application period


Infographic of the QSM Grant Process as written below.

Pre-Award Phase:

  • View announcements for official dates.
  • Bookmark our website and visit often.

  • Carefully review QSM Grant Program Policies before you determine your project needs.
  • Review grant application questions, then prepare a clear, complete response for each.
    • Tip: Use a word document from which you cut and paste section responses into the online form.
  • Prepare a budget that includes all necessary items for project implementation.
  • Discuss your proposal with your department head and principal.

  • Your grant proposal is then scored and ranked by a panel of reviewers.
    • Reviewers may modify an award to adjust for the inclusion of consumable materials or added taxes.
    • Occasionally, reviewers may provide feedback and allow you to amend and re-submit your proposal during a future round.

 Award Phase:

  • If your proposal is selected, the panel will contact you and your principal.
  • Before you may accept your award: 
  • If your proposal is not accepted, the panel will solely contact you.

  • LSU will send a check directly to your school.
  • In cases where there are multiple award recipients at one school, LSU will issue a single check for the total award amount.

 Post-Award Phase:

  • Submit receipts of approved budget items as proof of purchase in accordance with QSM grant policies.
  • All grant funds must be used as specified in the approved proposal.
    • Notify for a budget update and short justification approval.
    • Budget change requests must be approved prior to any purchase.

  • A Final Report form that details the project implementation is required.