Professional Development


Workshop Sessions (Grades K – 12)

Customized professional development engages teachers in the process, and provides the content knowledge and pedagogical practices necessary to build teacher capacity and address student deficits. Our instructional design provides immediate interventions that are easily transported into the classroom and fosters collaboration and professional networking. Online follow-up support can also be provided on request at a negotiated price.

Cost: Approximately $1,700 per 6-hour session for up to 30 participants. We will work with you to provide the best possible professional development model to address your needs. You may also want to consider a blend of workshops followed by in-class coaching described below.


Coaching (Grades K – 12)

Long term, high quality, classroom-embedded professional development helps teachers move past exposure to sound teaching practices and content delivered in workshops to actual implementation of strategies and techniques with assistance from an effective coach. This model provides teachers with opportunities to implement research-based practices, analyze and reflect on their effectiveness, and collaborate with their coach and colleagues to increase their instructional competencies. Coaches work directly with school administrative personnel and classroom teacher-teams to craft and implement a plan that is supplemental to existing professional development efforts. This teaming approach includes an assessment of student data and alignment with existing professional development efforts along with classroom support. Teacher classroom support includes planning, co-teaching, modeling and feedback, with an emphasis on topics such as content and connections, task selection, instructional decisions, assessment, and the learning environment.

Cost: Pricing is contingent upon the needs of your school.  Sample pricing below.


Full School Year (353 Hours)

Approx 2 Coaching Days per Week

Salary 30,005.00
Required Fringe Benefits 13,202.00
Required F&A Costs 5,617.00
Travel 1,000.00
Total 49,824.00

*Coaching—this model can also be negotiated to include fewer or more hours.


Contacts: Charles James, (225) 252-8326 (mobile),    (Math)
                Dr. Brenda Nixon, (225) 205-2680 (mobile),   (Science)