ALEKS Math Prep

1This chart applies universally to students in all majors and minors at LSU. When deciding which course to select from the above placement lists, students should consider which math course are required for their major or minor.
2A student can take ALEKS up to 5 times in one year. A student may attempt to improve their initial ALEKS score (and hence the math placement) by spending sufficient hours in the ALEKS Learning Module.
3No student who has already received credit for a mathematics course numbered 1510 or above may register in a mathematics course numbered below 1510, unless given special permission by the Department of Mathematics.
4 Students may also earn Math 1021 credit via ALEKS but should visit “Undergraduate Examinations” in the “Academic Regulations” chapter of the catalog for additional rules.
5Credit in Math 1021 (however earned) is the prerequisite for Math 1022 and 1431. 
6The Math 1021 and 1020 linked coreq sections have the same section number; similarly for Math 1029 and 1028.

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