The Cain Center offers a variety of programs to support STEM learning, prepare and strengthen teachers, and inform the public. 

Those programs are divided into three categories based on their purpose:

  1. Impacting Students, Teachers, and Schools,
  2. Focus on Teacher-Learning, and
  3. Research, Development, and Scholarship.

Please contact the Center at for interest in any program. 

photo: impacting students, teachers and schools

Impacting Students, Teachers, and Schools

  • The College Readiness Program
  • LSU Early Learning Academies
  • Quality Science & Mathematics
  • Student Enrichment

photo: cain center

Focus on Teacher-Learning

  • GeauxTeach Math & Science
  • Masters of Natural Science
  • Teach Computer Science
  • LA Academic Residency for Teachers
  • Graduate Externship Program
  • Math Science Partnership

photo: studying

Research, Development, & Scholarship

  • Curriculum Development
  • Research