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AITP is an organization that helps students explore careers in technology. Members connect with business professionals to learn more about employment opportunities and expectations. Professional meetings with speakers are combined with social gatherings for a well-rounded organizational agenda.

AITP is the departmental student organization for all ISDS students. Tons of helpful resources, networking opportunities, and advice are available as well as a slack community with other ISDS students who help each other. The ISDS major is a small community and we feel AITP is in the heart of it. Any LSU student may join by accessing Slack or join AITP's general Slack channel. In order to be in AITP's private enrolled member channel, please Slack message the current Secretary of AITP to have them add you.

Executive Board:

  • President: Ellen Herndon
  • Vice President: Dylan LeBlanc
  • Secretary: Megan Crawford
  • Treasurer: James Way
  • Recruitment & Outreach: Patrick Cormier

Committee Chairs:

  • Fundraising Committee Chairs: James Way & Anthony Benton
  • Morale Committee Chairs: Orlanda de Almeida, Troy Rivet, Hannah Blum, and Aidan Asmus 
  • Social Media Chair: Arturo Altamirano

For questions, email