Gabriele Piccoli

Gabriele Piccoli

Edward G. Schlieder Endowed Chair of Information Sciences
Professor and Undergraduate Honors Advisor, Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems
Professor, Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute
2219 Business Education Complex South
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-8184
Fax: 225-578-2511

Biographical Summary

Gabriele Piccoli is the Edward G. Schlieder Chair of Information Sciences and a member of the Cultural Computing group at the Center for Computation and Technology at Louisiana State University (USA). He has held tenured academic positions at Cornell University (USA), the Grenoble Ecole de Management (France) and the University of Sassari and Pavia (Italy).Gabe's academic, teaching and consulting interest has traditionally been in the area of Strategic Information Systems and Customer Service Systems.


  • PhD Information Systems, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 2000
  • BS Economics, Universita degli studi di Pavia, Pavia, Italy, 1995
  • MBA Information Systems, Louisiana State University, 1998

Awards & Honors

  • Fellow of the Association for Information Systems, Association for Information Systems
  • Outstanding Tenured Professor Teaching Award, Ourso College of Business, 2018

Selected Research Publications

  • Lui, T., Bartosiak, M., Piccoli, G., and Sadhya, V. (2018). Online review response strategy and its effects on competitive performance. Tourism Management, 67, 180--190.
  • Pigni, F., Bartosiak, M., Piccoli, G., and Ives, B. (2017). Targeting Target with a 100 million dollar data breach. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 8(1), 1--15.
  • Piccoli, G., Lui, I., and Gruen, B. (2017). The Impact of IT-enabled Customer Service Systems on Service Personalization, Customer Service Perceptions, and Hotel Performance. Tourism Management, 59, 349-362.
  • Piccoli, G., Pigni, F., and Watson, R. T. (2016). Special Issue Editorial: Alea Iacta Est: Now is the Time to Extract Value from Digital Data Streams. 15(4), I-VIII.
  • Iris, L. and Piccoli, G. (2016). The Effect of a Multichannel Customer Service System on Customer Service and Financial Performance. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 7(1), 1-15.
  • Piccoli, G. (2016). Triggered Essential Reviewing: The Effect of Technology Affordances on Service Experience Evaluations. European Journal of Information Systems, 25(6), 477-492.
  • Piccoli, G. and Pigni, F. (2016). TRIPBAM: Leveraging Digital Data Streams to Unleash Savings. Communications of the Association of Information Systems, 29, 556-574.
  • Federico, P., Piccoli, G., and Watson, R. T (2016). Digital Data Streams: Creating value from the real-time flow of big data. California Management Review, 58(3).

Conference Proceeding

  • Palese, B., Kim, S. T., Rodriguez, J. A., and Piccoli, G. (2018). Go Back to Your Room: Designing a Scalable In-Class Required College Course.. Association for Information Systems.
  • Piccoli, G., Rodriguez, J. Alfredo, Palese, B., and Bartosiak, M. (2017). The Dark Side of Digital Transformation: The case of Information Systems Education. Proceeding of Thirty-Eight International Conference on Information Systems.
  • Bonaretti, D., Bartosiak, M., and Piccoli, G. (2017, August). Cognitive Anchoring of Color Cues on Online Review Ratings. AMCIS 2017.
  • Palese, B. and Piccoli, G. (2016). Online Reviews as a Measure of Service Quality. 2016 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA/IFIP WG8. 3 Symposium, Dublin 2016
  • Bartosiak, M. and Piccoli, G. (2016). Presentation Format and Online Reviews Persuasiveness: The Effect of Computer-Synthesized Speech.. Thirty Seventh International Conference on Information Systems.

Professional and Service Activities

  • MIS Quarterly Executive, Editor, Journal Editor (January 1, 2019)

Employed by LSU since

August 18, 2014