List A Approved "Flex" Electives

College of Agriculture

Agricultural Business

Any course AGEC 3003 Economics Analysis in Agricultural Business or higher.

Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising

Required elective: TAM 4070 Entrepreneurship in Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising

Then any electives HUEC 3030 - Field Studies and higher except for history-focused courses (such as HUEC 4041 History of Textiles).

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Any course NFS 3000+

College of Engineering

Computer Science

Any course CSC 2730 Data Science and Analytics or higher.

Construction management

Any course Cm 3110 Construction Estimating or higher.

Industrial Engineering

Any course IE 3201 Principles of Engineering Economy or higher.

College of Music and Dramatic Arts


Any electives THTR 3123 and higher. This includes lighting and sound technology courses, improvisation, CAD set design. The following are required or strongly recommended.

Strongly Recommended Electives:

THTR 3320 Introduction to Arts Management (3): Overview of the organizational structure and operation of arts and cultural institutions.

THTR 3340 Arts Marketing (3): Lecture, discussion and case analysis of marketing concepts for arts and other creative industries.

THTR 3830 Improvisation

Recommended Electives:

THTR 4320 Advanced Arts Management (3): Continued study of the principles of arts management including the economics of arts industries, financial management, constituent development and arts advocacy.

THTR 4350 Fundraising for the Arts (3): Principles of fundraising for the not-for-profit organization including grant writing, individual and corporate giving, planned giving, capital campaigns and special events.


Any electives from MUS 3500 - Preparing the Artist and higher except for history-focused courses (like MUS 3710 Overview of Western Music History and MUS 3757 Organ Literature, History, and Design).

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

International Studies

INTL 4003 International Studies Senior Seminar 
POLI 4041 International Law
POLI 4046 International Political Economy
POLI 4050 Globalization and Politics
POLI 4062 Comparative Political Economy
POLI 4064 Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
RNR 4023 Marine Fisheries Resources
RNR 4107 Human Dimensions in Natural Resources
SOCL 4551 Global Society
SOCL 4701 Population


SPAN 3070 - Spanish for Professionals (can be taken up to 6 hours)

College of Science

Biological Sciences

Any course BIOL 3000 level or higher.


Any course CHEM 3000 level or higher.


Any course GEOL 3000 level or higher.


Any course PHYS 3000 level or higher.

If your first degree does not appear on the list, please see SDEIS Dept Chair (effective: 08/15/18)