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Published Research

Dissemination of research through publication in peer reviewed academic journals and presentations at conferences are a critical part of conducting research at a Flagship University. Academic journals are the accepted outlet for faculty to interact with the research community to obtain an unbiased critical review of their research. Experts in the academic community evaluate submitted research papers to ensure that published papers withstand the scrutiny of the most knowledgeable scholars in a particular domain.

Academic journals are ranked based on perceived scholarship. Such scholarship typically involves a combination of readership and number of citations to published articles. Individual articles are ranked by citations as are research faculty who are also evaluated based on the number of citations to their published work. An example of a popular evaluation metric is the h-index. Such citation metrics have become widely available as can be seen in Google Scholar. Other rankings are available through subscriptions services such as SCOPUS (Elsevier) and Web of Science (Thomson Reuters).

College-wide Published Research

Accounting Published Research

Current accounting research examines the effect of economic events on the process of summarizing, analyzing, verifying, and reporting standardized financial information, and on the effect of reported information on economic events. Areas of faculty research: audit quality, assessment, behavioral accounting and professional issues, corporate social responsibility, empirical auditing, ethics, fraud, internal auditing, and risk management.

Economics Published Research

According to Alfred Marshall, one of the intellectual giants of the field, economics is “a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.” Economics research seeks to answer questions about how people choose to use available resources including time and money. Researchers may also attempt to measure well-being and learn how it might increase over time. Areas of faculty research: Energy economics, fiscal policy, forecasting, international trade, labor economics, public policy, and welfare economics.

Entrepreneurship & Information Systems Published Research

Researchers seek to improve understanding of complex entrepreneurial issues and promote data-driven decisions that lead to operational efficiency and innovation. Areas of faculty research: acceptance of new technology, analytics, causal inference, data mining, decision analysis, e-Commerce, emerging markets and technologies, entrepreneurial opportunities, highway safety, identity decision making, outsourcing, product quality, supply chain management and software inspection.

Finance Published Research

A well-functioning financial system is essential to economic development. Researchers often examine ways to improve efficiency and stability. Areas of faculty research: banking, capital structure, credit ratings, consumption-based asset pricing, corporate governance, corporate finance, financing decisions, financial derivatives, financial innovation, financial intermediation, fixed income securities, indexing, institutional investors, risk management, and poverty.

Management Published Research

Researchers contribute to management knowledge by systematically seeking answers to business problems. Areas of faculty research: decision-making, identity, innovation and technology adoption, institutional work, leadership, occupational safety, organizational climate, personality and individual differences, strategic management and research methods, and sustainability.

Marketing Published Research

Drawing on behavioral, economic, psychological, and administrative theory, researchers examine the current and future needs and wants of a customer. Areas of faculty research: branding, consumer behavior, consumption emotions, consumer judgment, corporate social responsibility, empirical modeling, franchising, international marketing, new media, persuasion, retailing and services marketing, sales force effectiveness, social marketing, and technology.

Public Administration Published Research

Researchers examine organizational, administrative, and policy sciences as they apply to government and governance. Public administration researchers are called to delve into controversial issues while remaining neutral. Areas of faculty research:  accountability, forecasting, organizational justice, public sector compensation, regional economics, social theory, stereotyping and discrimination, and workplace diversity.